In addition to creating music, Negativland does something they call 'culture-jamming'.

For instance, In 1987, after the release of their album Escape From Noise



they created a phony press-release claiming that their song "Christianity is Stupid" was the inspiration for a real mass-murder in which a boy killed his parents with an ax.

The story was in newspapers, magazines and on TV news shows.


Samples from the ensuing scandal became the basis for their next album Helter Stupid.




       Negativland's next project was the infamous U2 record which used samples of the band U2.




This led to the famous lawsuit in which Negativland was bankrupted and all copies of the record were recalled and destroyed.

       The record is still illegal to sell in the United States,

       but is available for free download here.


       In 1992, a magazine called Mondo 2000 set up an interview with U2's Dave Evans (aka "The Edge"),

       and without telling him, sent  Don Joyce and Mark Hosler of Negativland to conduct the interview.

       It was pointed out that U2 was promoting their "Zoo TV" tour, which featured live sampling from radio and

       TV broadcast while they sued Negativland for copyright infringement.


       You can read the interview here