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posted : 2008.Oct.10 @ 11.01pm

podlings ~


I am thrilled to announce my new artist website :


nothing fancy... but it shows my artwork, which is really the thing

and if you click on any of the images, it will open the full sized image

in a new browser window for you 


because i can, and because I want to... here is the website, posted here on pod

but you may also go and visit the same site at the website address above 





posted : 2008.Oct.11 @ 12.15am

i like it. like the rest of your websites that i have seen it is elegant and easy to navigate. it makes the artwork the center of attention.


A question about  the below mandala. what is the significance of the 6 moon cycles? Jjust curious if this has a personal significance. I really enjoy the mandala, it is very well done. My family and i play a game called the moon game. the premise is pretty simple, any time you see a moon, anywhere, you yell "moon". first one to say moon wins. pretty straight forward but fun. i invite you all to play along...... MOON!





again, nice work on the website. your self directed home schooling project paid off with great results

posted : 2008.Oct.11 @ 3.35pm

Absolutely love it, you've done an incredible job!


Let me get my pen, time to take some notes from dearest Lyoness Wink

posted : 2008.Oct.11 @ 4.51pm



erik thank you for your intelligent commentary

you've really hit the nail on the head about my style of websites

it's very important to me to emphasize the content

despite the desire to go to town designing the container


as with most of my works lately

I didn't have a strong intention as to the meaning of the 6 moon cycles

but what I did find is that the maths of that particular piece

have some very interesting synchronistic connections

with certain other mathematic, geometrical paradigms that i'm researching

more on that eventually Smile


also, what I'm noticing

is that i seem to be channeling this series of pieces

with ever increasing amounts of moon cycles

holding space in the peripheries of the mandala, for other numerology and geometries

it seems as though some kind of radial system of time

is  telling a bit of a story about itself thru my work


also, i really like your comment about the moon game Smile

that will work well for me

as long as i only play it when someone else is with me! haha


ioTus : many thanks for your kindness

hehehe : the Lyoness is still in there somewhere...

lady of light


love ya!



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