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posted : 2008.Oct.03 @ 4.19pm

I've been pondering over the creation of music for sometime. After years of obsessively collecting, listening to, and Dj'ing other artists music i decided it was time to create my own. I always have various sounds on the brain, humming to my self, and creating little sequences of beats in my head. Having dabbled in various forms of art, design, and photography, I feel sound and music is the one realm that still holds a great deal of mystery to me.

So over the past couple of months I've been experimenting with all sorts of whizzles and whazzles, really just sort of playing around. I really have no idea what I'm doing other then making what i like to hear. I quickly realized that I get a great deal of inspiration from nature and my photography. So I decided to make songs that are inspired by my interpretation of elements of nature and even specific photographs of those elements.


With many tracks, and experiments on the go i thought I'd begin to share some of the demos with you folks.

Here are three tracks from the album i'm putting together.




Ice Architect


Marangoni effect

posted : 2008.Oct.03 @ 5.03pm


Lush, organic, electronic beats from Pox?

I must have travelled into the future.... and I like it here.

This stuff is solid, brother man.  You are an unstoppable artistic force.




posted : 2008.Oct.04 @ 3.57am
you made a good call by switching to production, these songs are tight as can be. you can tell a lot of love when into them, and if it wasn't love it was something good that was used. very nice soundscapes are painted through your beats, i look forward to hearing more.

posted : 2008.Oct.04 @ 10.05pm



hands all over face stretching lips into crazy positions while eyes cross in every direction.


WHUt WHUt ???


HELL yeah.


(lunaya dances around like a funky chicken) 


and did i mention? HUMINAhuminahuminahuminahuminahhhhhh Smile 

posted : 2008.Oct.05 @ 10.22am

OK, Pox, what to say! - it's a very tight blend of very pleasant chill beats with just enough dirt and coarse soundscapes mixed together. Me!? I like!!! I do enjoy grinding sounds, but found out that I tend to feel more structured tunes that carry on energy, rather that constantly breaking it down. And this structure is well present in your tunes under the layers of harsh basses, pads and percussive elements. I certainly would love to hear more. It's good to see your coming together as an all-around artist and going for it... I am going for 2nds with bombus and feel like dancing.


Waiting for more! (what do u use to record?)

posted : 2008.Oct.06 @ 8.16am
Very tight. Marangoni reminds me of a sqaurepusher jam..just severly chilled out

posted : 2008.Oct.11 @ 2.46pm

I must admit i didn't know what to expect when sharing this stuff. One thing is for sure, I'm certainly having a good deal of fun!

air, thank you brotha I'm glad you approve of my audio grooves, hope you enjoy them.

erik, love indeed, i haven't had this much fun in some time. Thank you for the compliments, I've been meaning to get into this for a while now.

, hehehe weee!

dmaniac, thanks man! there is more comin for sure. Bombus was a joy to make, still want to tweak that one more though. To answer your question, i use a combination of Reason and Adobe Audition, I like the way things are set up out in Audition, makes putting everything together really simple.

, thanks, any squarepusher songs in particular or just the general vibe?

Well, I'm still going at it, with each experiment i learn more and more. With lots more on the go, I'll be sharing them for sure, seeings how i received such a wonderful response.

Here is another piece i've been working on. This one was a blast to put together as i'm getting a lot more comfertable with tools. 



posted : 2008.Oct.11 @ 3.41pm

Are you using Reason 3 or 4?

posted : 2008.Oct.11 @ 4.06pm

just finished listening to all the tracks - absolutely fantastic! Chillbient to the core. Keep them flowing.


Ever listen to waveparticleduality?


posted : 2008.Oct.12 @ 11.16am
bombus is still my favourite one Smile

posted : 2008.Nov.08 @ 9.17am

Iotus, i'm using Reason 4. thankyou muchly, and no I had not, thanx for the link.


Thanks Lunaya, it's a juicy one for sure.


Thought i'd share another track with you folks.


I've got a handful of new stuff complete, and in the works.


This track was born a little out of the "i'm running out of time" kind of anxiety. We all know about fight or flight, well I wanted to portray the switch between those two states.







posted : 2009.Feb.01 @ 2.59pm

Alright , so getting back on track (snicker) I'm closing in on a finalized release of some of my first self produced music (yay!)


In the spirit of such I thought i'd share a more finalized version of one of my orginal tracks "Ice Architecht" now slightly renamed.


The beauty of playing with music production i've found is all the options available, i wanna make this, but i also wanna make that, so my main problem is just settling for one mood, or style or so on and so forth.


So for now, a few different EP's will be emiting forth from me, until, or if in such time i decide on one main concept for a full album. But It really doesnt matter anyway, now does it, as long as I create and share!


Sooo here it is, from the upcoming Ice Architech EP


Ice Architech


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