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posted : 2008.Dec.17 @ 8.41pm

Oil is amazing for its potently colorful luminoscity but

I love how fast acrylic dries and is soo less toxic.

 House paint is great for the budget....


paint is my blood

canvas is my skin

frames are my bones 

posted : 2008.Dec.18 @ 6.54pm

oil is god, or at least one of them...

as far as i know oil paint is not particularly toxic, its the volatile solvents that we add (which can be done eco-friendly and human-friendly like).  of course some pigments are more toxic than others--does any body in here do dry pigment work?


as a terpentine / paint thinner alternative i found this biodegradable soy-based product called soysolv--it's great for cleaning brushes, pallet, etc.  a friend got me into galkyd last year and i find it to be particularly fumy, but it works great at getting oils to dry in short time periods--but there are other, less volatile mediums like that.  anyways, im no expert on oil painting... some one else should step up.

posted : 2008.Dec.18 @ 10.37pm

I definitely feel the grounding that this work achieves. Your luminosity is not so bright that it requires sunglasses, and you use the sacred archetype of a tree as the vehicle for a subtle communication that buzzes gently into lighter realms above. Dropping a dollop of complex/small detail could be a cool experiment in bringing in more direct, acute messages. {But I also like the subtle, smooth feelings that these convey, which might be lost as "background" if the complexity nugget calls too much attention....}


I'm glad you appreciated the ecocity stuff-- I'm starting to talk to some folks about bridging efforts across Cascadia-- and I suppose I'd like to spark some visual conversations about what our homie:land might look like if we add a pinch of style and a heaping spoonful of love to the mix...I think my next art projects will be along those lines....but i'm a little rusty/inexperienced.


₪ Agape- maybe your biochemetik skillz could come into play one day figuring out how to make non-icky pigments...... {like the pigment version of the guy that amazed the perfume people by approaching smell as a vibration}......



posted : 2008.Dec.20 @ 6.54am
Yodelheck, I do plan on working these oil paintings with more detailed layers in the computer.
I'll post when I do.

Agape,  oil paints themselves actually are toxic. not all, but many. It's the minerals the use in them that off gas in particulate matte that seeps into the lungs. Cobalts, Cadmiums and some others are particualrily bad, from what I know of. Also the solvents are harsh, eco products aren't always available, and even some of those still have harsh fumes.
I'll let you know when I find more info on all that.

The water soluble oil paints are nice to work with if you don't want a smelly solvent.
I've tried them with water and water soluble linseed oil and they work well.
However not quite as well as traditional oils and solvents, and the paints are about twice as much to buy.

posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 10.46am

from This Moment of stillness, comes healing


In this one I brought my oil painting of This Moment (in previous post above) ,into Painter,

and my intention was to thin the veil enough and still resonate with the stillness of form, and textures of the original oil paining,

without it looking to digitized.



 oil and digital painting




On another note,, looking back in my files I found these are some quick concept images I did for a game my friend is making called Orb World.


Lightbeing Fire Orbling

digital painting


and it's darker half.. but not so dark ; )

 digital painting





posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 2.33pm
Stunning!  When I was enjoying your art last night, I saw the earlier iteration of This Moment and thought it beautiful in it's simplicity.  Now I think it even more beautiful in it's complexity!  It's cool, the layers are subtle enough as not to detract from the initial composition, and the repeating textures definitely hearken to the fractalic nature of organic life.  I especially love the work at the base and the highlights on the vertebral pattern.  Excellent flowage.

posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 3.35pm

the new stillness kept the organic feel very well.

good color balance simon!  Smile

posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 3.53pm
thanks fellas.

posted : 2009.Jan.29 @ 6.53pm

Yea the depth and colors on these new pieces is great!

You're takin the pattern brush into new realms of order-

the Caduceus piece reminds me a bit of one of the realms Xavi flows with.


More please!  Bows to the way.


posted : 2009.Jan.30 @ 10.26am

Hey Phong, ,thanks!


yes.. it is a bit Xavi. ish.. especially in the colours.


With the custom brush tips, I am exploring a more intentinal composition in this peice.. 

it's easy to go way deep with layering and layering the textures, in fact I went through about 30 versions really quickly when I started, 

then carved it down to this current version. 

posted : 2009.Jan.30 @ 1.43pm
Awesome to see your new work!  You've really evolved in painter.  Loving the new style!

posted : 2009.May.07 @ 1.56pm

Another piece of this series. Fresh off the pad.

Way more gestural with this one. fun fun!


 image of mixed media painting


I'm thinking of making a hologram of "This Moment", "Caduceus", and this one, "Spectral Moment".

( see above for other images.)


I'll attach an animated GIF of the hologram once complete.

posted : 2009.May.08 @ 12.19am

that's really nice looking Simon. I like the entire series.

I am digging the hummingbirds in this one.

your website looks killer too!  your motion graphics are looking stellar, nice camera movements, graphics and you manage to bend particular/form inside out in amazing ways Smile 








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