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posted : 2008.Sep.25 @ 12.47am

I thought I'd start a new topic regarding my art, because I realized the last thread was a bit vauge in it's name.


Anyway.. I wanted to post this new painting here.

It's another in Painter, this time way more loose and right from scratch.

what I did was quickly trace the outline of a tree in a photo, then deleted it and worked from there building the layers.

super fun.. I painted it from 12am - 8am.... an allll nighter!.

speaking of which.. while I'm at it right now.. but with an animation.. which I'll share soon.


digital painting



for this one I actually created the brush tips out of leafs by cutting them out in PS first..

makes for some really quick and fun fractal leafing. you can just spray it on but with control.. soooo nice..

I love it!  this is an evolution that will go further, with mimicing real life textures. especially foresty textures..




posted : 2008.Sep.26 @ 7.34pm

There's nothing like some good beats and an all night painting session. After computing that long on creative projects my dream world gets digitized big time. (and not always in a good way)


I like this new piece ( and the other one like it) it has a very chystaline, halucinegenerated look to it. The semi transparent look of the tree, and its underlying textures do it for me



cool work simon. thanks for sharing some of your process as well.



posted : 2008.Sep.29 @ 12.25pm

Thanks Erik!


yea dreams to get digitized in some way.. it's so weird..

I'm working with this new plug-in with After Effects, and I was dreaming with it.. crazy!

That does happen especially after late nights.

posted : 2008.Dec.03 @ 7.42pm

A couple newbies ,, well sort of newbies. These two are part of my on-going Gaian-spiriation series... if one could call it that 


 Boughs of Gold

Autumn Dream
digital painting

As you can see these are also digital paintings done in Corel Painter X.

fun fun.


This is a game of 'grounding' out cosmic influece by bringing the light to a more "earthly" level for some people that don't relate to the higher frequencies as they may appear in their more "abstract forms", or not in forms at all.

This seems to be working.


Bridging Worlds with Gaianspiration!


more to come.... oil paintings....mmmm gooosh!

posted : 2008.Dec.06 @ 7.51am
I'd love to live in your forest, man! Beautiful. I see the ways it's created (Painter is great)... it has no effect on me Smile still as beautiful! If it's an easy one for you to make, then make more!!! Razz

posted : 2008.Dec.06 @ 10.20am

thanks dmaniac.

that's the way I feel. I'd like to live there too, in any of therm !

it's really the feeling I"m tryinig to express in my nature paintings, magical landscapes of peace and beauty, that you can visit just by gazing at the images.



posted : 2008.Dec.06 @ 1.01pm

simon these are just beautiful.

such fantastic light and openess to joy...


please keep us dreaming ~


p.s. what about a coniferous forest that opens up into a valley of hundreds of organic / permaculture / biodynamic farms?

posted : 2008.Dec.06 @ 3.27pm



yea.. I'm inspired by the images posted by yodelheck about the eco-city designs,

the one of Auroville in India especially.




posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 10.26am

oil painting 24" x 60"

"This Moment" oil on canvas - 24" x 60"


oil on painting 24" x 30"

"Form in Formless" - oil on canvas - 24" x 30"


These two have been in the works on and off for some time. “This Moment” was started in 2006 and put aside until recently. “Form in Formless” was started while I was in school in 2007 and then also put aside until recently. At this stage I can still see other potential layers, however there is something nice about leaving them they way they are, evoking others into using their own imagination.

posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 7.56pm

niiiice work simon, I love the colors on these last ones, and the Boughs of Gold piece is especially excellent.

I just imagine anatomically correct human bodies being rendered with such aesthetic precision, and beautiful sense of flow.  Wink


super magical visual healing vibrations.

bows to the flow.



posted : 2008.Dec.15 @ 8.03pm

thanks phong!


yes. human bodies.. hmm I've been putting those off again.. 

maybe time to get back into it. ; )


the healing vibes are there for sure.

"This Moment" gained it's green aura, while 2 summers ago Drea was really sick, and I was away from her,

so I painted with the intention of manifesting the healing vibes for her.


posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 12.50am

Serene, hypnotic work. 
Nature portraits are radiant
Autumn Dream shimmers into Fall
Green, twisty medicine swirl
amoebic, abstractificationized
a wonderful series of organics.
Please share more oil paintings!

posted : 2008.Dec.16 @ 10.27am

hey thanks Aaro!


I do love oil painting. just the fumes are pretty harsh so I don't do it much.

I even use a gas mask, but still the fumes make me feel gross.


so I do it sometimes..  ; )


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