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posted : 2008.Sep.10 @ 11.25pm

Here's some new stuff from me that I'd like to share. 

The first one is the gatefold cover for the album "The Fathomless Mastery" by the death metal band, Bloodbath (sorry if it stretches your browser):



The next thing is actually a work in progress. Starting a few days ago and until I am finished...I am putting up the progress to my next painting entitled "Humwawa". Details are on my blog as to the meaning behind the painting and mythology behind it. Please check it out and let me know what you think of it so far...and also please check back every couple days to see it's progress!


 My blog/website is located here: 


Here's the first sketch.... 



Thanks for looking!





posted : 2008.Sep.12 @ 10.09pm
Wooo-Hooo!! Dusty is back , sticking to what he knows the best - blood and gore (a few dead people in some kind of purgatory as well, in between) Smile ! And there's nothing wrong with it IMHO. Finished piece is cool and disturbing (try to stare at it for a few minutes pondering it). What I liked the most, it hadn't reminded me of someone else's works. By that I mean, it does look original and Dusty style work. THere are so many artist nowadays that it's almost impossible to escape the "look of" - I've seen it before kind of look. Next step is your BLOG! I'll be back checking the promised updates, Dust!

posted : 2008.Sep.13 @ 12.30am

Dusty, those first creatures look like the hungry ghosts in tibetan Thangka paintings, inhabitants of one of the hell realms.

Karmically, they cast themselves into suffering by creating all sorts of un-full-fillable desires for themselves,

and then go mad both over-stuffing themselves as their souls starve to death!


In the second illustration, your hand is quite loose, it's fun to look at...

Nice mouth - what a beast, I think many people live in the belly of that guy.

Watch out.... you could already be in his belly! 



posted : 2008.Sep.13 @ 6.38am

Dusty, That top piece is, in my eye, the best you have done yet.
Color is big with me and you hit the nail on the head with this subtle palette.
The figures look like holy men that are in the moment of realizing the afterlife isn't what they thought it would be.

The creature design is crazy fun!  Let's see some more as it unfolds.


posted : 2008.Sep.16 @ 10.28am

Thanks guys!


I'm pretty proud of it myself, I've really been trying to push myself into new palettes of color and of course into making entire scenes rather than just disconnected drawings. As for the beast, here is the latest version (though it is a few days old...I should be updating it again tonight also). Just playing around with ideas for colors. I don't know if I am totally finalized on the blueish hue, but I will probably keep the face area red to grab the eye.



Next update will have more values added and possibly some color change-ups...



posted : 2008.Oct.06 @ 9.36am

Here's my progress on the face so far....



You might notice the colors are changing up from the last update....check out my blog here for all the middlework if you are interested:





posted : 2008.Oct.06 @ 2.31pm

hey dusty


I am normally not at all into scary dark things... but I just have to say THIS STUFF IS AMAZING ::Smile)) 



posted : 2008.Oct.07 @ 10.34am
Yeah, Dust, your slime/wet machine is definitely ON. It looks very alive, your monster... these painted areas are mui bueno, amigo. Thanx for progress shots... keeping promises?! Very noble of u. Smile

posted : 2008.Oct.08 @ 12.10pm

Thanks guys Very Happy


Yeah, the WIP thing is keeping me on track, I think. I have a small video game addiction these last few years, so having a WIP and a blog keeps me accountable for my actions, haha.



posted : 2008.Oct.12 @ 11.08am

inished the upper skull comes the mass of entrails:

posted : 2008.Oct.12 @ 2.09pm



i showed this to my lover

and it really really creeped him out!!!

i don't know why, but i just LOVE how incredibly scary this is!


that's a strange revelation to me as well

because in general i don't like scary or violent movies EVER

but this monster and those priests up there

are just so deeply disturbing in this mythical way

it feels ... not intended to scare people

but rather to simply reveal something

that exists on a certain level

and wants to be known


that is why my lover found the monster scary

cause he knew that beings like that do exist



posted : 2008.Oct.15 @ 5.02pm

really great work. both of them, but personnally i prefered the first colored version of your monster.

I just can't explain why but the face look more cute  maybe because the image is lighter.

can you show us a zoom back version  please?

I can feel some lovecraft inspiration inthe monster piece.

that's awesome.

posted : 2008.Oct.20 @ 5.09am

at first I thought the guy to the very left on his knees in the first picture was kind of corny. but the more I look at it, the more it makes sense to me. and I like how I see they're all reaching or calling out for god, and all so expressive and close to one another.... but there isnt' any sense of interaction.


the level of detail you're getting into the 2nd picture amazes me.  I look forward to seeing the finished product, and updates on the process there.keep it up.




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