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posted : 2008.Aug.14 @ 7.42am

Enter the Meta



Greetings to your eyes and ears
and welcome to the pod:fora.

Main Entry: fora plural of FORUM


Please disregard your conditioned expectations of what a forum consists of.

The fora is a self-organizing exploration of creative consciousness.

The pod is a body of artists engaged to

dream, create, share.


01. Guidelines


A small group of moderators on the pod are trusted to maintain order of the guidlines :



Focus on art.

Art is visual, audial, culinary, interactive,

_____ performance - expression.

Life is art!


More order. Less chaos.

When faced with chaos, nature's reaction is to reflect chaos.

Rise to the higher order.


Less is more.



Remain mindful.

Nobody benefits to have their ego blown up by mindless praise,

or crushed by insensitive criticism.

Be mindful and constructive with comments.


We are all one.

Respect every other cell as a friend and ally.

Be considerate and thoughtful of others.




• If any of the guidlines are in any way dificult to maintain then you're welcome

  to follow your heart elsewhere. There are plenty of magical places in the metaverse.


• If you have a question why a moderator has modified or removed your post,

  please message the moderator directly through Bytes and do not ask in the thread.



02. Moderated Content


Politics, Religion and Drugs

Dialog about sex, drugs and religion is discouraged and may spontaneously disappear.

People who ordinarily get along encounter meltdowns when they talk about these topics.


Flames and Trolls

Flames will self-destruct and flamers will be banned.

Trolls will be jettisonned into the Void



This should be limited to the things you personally create.

The exchange section of the fora is the only place they should appear.

 Do not sign up just to advertise and promote.  Share on a deeper level.


Double Posts

If you post the same thing twice, one of the posts may disappear.

Double posting of the images or words of another podling is unnecassary.


Unrelated Material

Content unrelated to the thread.


No animated Avatars

They are visually distracting.

Please keep your avatars 64x64 pixels.



Notes Signatures have been disabled to reduce conditioned redundancy.
HTML and stylesheets are enabled to allow for quality presentations.



If you can cognize and flow with these conditions - 


Buddha Enter the Meta. Buddha




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