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posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 3.52pm


Posting Images


The fora does not enable uploading media to the pod server. In order to post media on the fora, it must already exist online. If you are wishing to post your artwork, you can contact Air or Phong to setup a pod FTP account. If you already access to an FTP server, such as what is used to host your website, you can take the URL of the media from your server and referrence it remotely.


To post an image :


1. Copy the URL of an image -

In FireFox :

- Right click on the image and select : 'Copy Image Location'


In Internet Explorer :

- Right click on an image and select 'Properties'. Click on the 'Address: (URL)' beginning with http://.

- Press Ctrl+A to select all, and then Ctrl+C to copy it.


In Safari :

- Right click (or Ctrl + Click) on an image and select 'Copy Image Address'


2. Insert the copied image URL into a post

  • Click in the post where you would like the image to appear so the cursor is blinking there, and then click on the 'Insert / Edit Image' button in the toolbar.
  • Paste (Ctrl+V or Apple+V) the URL into the 'Image URL' field, fill in a description of the image, and then press Insert.
  • To edit an existing image in a post, click on the image. Boxes will appear on each corner of the image. To make the image larger, drag the boxes at the corners of the image. To remove the image press Delete. In order to edit the URL or image properties, click again the 'Insert / Edit Image' button.



3. Add Borders

For general aesthetic purposes, images are encouraged to have borders when posted in the fora. If the image itself doesn't have a border you can add one once it is in the post. Select the image and then select from the --Styles-- dropdown at the top of the posting toolbar one of the border styles. It will be imeadiately applied. To remove the border, select the image and then from the --Styles-- dropdown set it back to --Styles--, the top option.


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