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posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 6.28am

Monday, August 11, 2008


I updated the ancient PHPBB code / raw HTML posting mechanism with a WYSIWYG package called Tiny MCE.
This will make posting and formatting easier for most people who don't dream in lines of code.


Give it a whirl by making a new post or replying to any existing post.
Please post feedback, suggestions or glitch bugs that you find in the new system.

If you need any help, press the little (?) button near the topright of the posting interface and hit the 'Help' tab.


I know it's aesthetically a little whack compared to the rest of the color schemes,
when I have time this will be one of the first things to be updated.


posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 7.30am

The pod server move, gallery updates and

fora uppery are moving us into the next phase.


Many thanks to Phong and Doktor J!


Testing the new posting interface now.

We need our old Laughing back, podular smilies.


Yes, this is familiar.  The image posting is good.

Can we get auto borders on this thing? 



posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 10.28am

Borders : At the top you will see a 'Styles' dropdown menu. Select what you want to have a border (image or otherwise) and select : Black (or White) Border. To take the border away, reset the dropdown selection to --Styles--  while the bordered object is selected.


Perhaps there is a more obvious way to do this like a borders button or something...

posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 10.36am
Perhaps we should add a basic posting tutorial as part of the new entry portal/sign-up.


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