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posted : 2008.Jul.06 @ 11.36am

Galactik Trading Card Free Agents

1 pack - $10 + $5 S&H

10 packs - $100 + $7 S&H

creeping through white
cherry blossom clouds...
the mountain

- issa

Out of the mists of the fabled human imagination comes a spirit art that transcends barriers of race, age, gender and culture. This is a reflection of both past and future, a magical celebration of what is possible when we explore the potentials of the inspired creative soul. Now an ageless elvish impulse has inspired the creation of a new Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex: Spirit Art Microgallery Prepress Booster Toolset. It contains four cards featuring art from

Roberto Venosa ( USA
Pablo Amaringo ( Peru
Claus Brusen ( Denmark
Kinuko Craft ( USA

With design from Sijay of Onbeyond Metamedia ( and Air of Pod Collective (, this set rings with the aura of new ness. It also has packaging featuring art from Roberto Venosa and Alex Grey ( The overarching intention of the project is art culture community building from local to global, it is an inspirational template for people of spirit to share their work for the healing, evolution and empowerment of all.

If you are interested in supporting this non-profit project consider ordering set/s.

$10 + shipping
$13 total in north america per pack
$15 total in europe, asia and oceania per pack
discount available for larger orders

paypal or email : : for shipping / handling discounts on large orders

1 pack - $10 + $5 S&H

10 packs - $100 + $7 S&H

love abounds
delvin solkinson

posted : 2008.Nov.05 @ 10.17am



Autumn night.......unable to sleep, I leave my tiny cottage.
Fall insects cry under the rocks, and
The cold branches are sparsely covered.
Far away, from deep in the valley, the sound of water.
The moon rises slowly over the highest peak;
I stand there quietly for a long time and
My robe becomes moist with dew

- ryokan

Design is Destiny.


Co-dreaming our world, a collective magic of Spirit connecting.

Together we surf the cusps of the emerging planetary culture as our generation of humans goes galactic. 


Since the year 2000, after a visitation from the upper realms, the galactik trading card oracle complex has been incarnating into our world. Over 8 year and 8 complete redesigns, the card deck has gone out in limited edition intentional pre-pressings. Early editions were limited to 64 and 128 of each card while the last full edition pressed 200. Since then a hologram and 4 card microset have emerged with 1000 petals. 


In order to address debts and produce another small microset, after selling out all decks from the 7 earlier editions, all remaining individual cards have been put up for adoption on              


These cards will not be put into print in that form ever again and remain as magical artifacts and visionary oracle shards, rare beyond measure. 


There are also new artists, pictures and essay additions on 


I am also seeking funding for a the new microset, a stepping stone towards getting larger grants to launch the full fleet, if you are interested email me for more details and a celestial pre-press metaset. 


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