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posted : 2008.Jun.13 @ 10.43am
Hello Podlings,

First I just want to say thank you to the creators of the site. Every time I visit (which hasn't been often enough) I feel lifted and encouraged by the presence of so many kind and inspired people.

I am looking for some advice I think. I have recently made many life changes and have become disillusioned with most of my old patterns and relationships. There has been a lot of change and I have been both thrilled and terrified in the process of opening up my mind and shedding layers of my ego.

I am trying not to look for contentment in externalities by I am also a bit lonely and wanting the company and presence of others who are connected to their inner light. I am living in Vancouver right now and staying with a friend while I start putting some of the pieces of my new life together and build up some stability.

I would like to find more places like the podcollective where I can meet new friends and tap into intentional communities.

I am not great with computers and don't have much art online, I'm just starting to play around with a few things here and there. It seems like most people here are very skilled in some area of technical art. I haven't yet been able to figure out how to make my Avatar the right size...

I would love some help!

Thank you all again for shining so brightly!


posted : 2008.Jun.25 @ 3.46am
Hi Maia ~
Bows across the pacific.

You know, I find creative energy is a good antidote to loneliness,
it naturally attracts people with similar frequency to your field.

Creating... emanating the frequency....
Manifesting ness...

Often the higher the detail and articulation the better in the artform.

You know what I imagine if I ever feel lonely? Is the fact that my body is made of over 50 trillion cells!
It's a whole party just being in the body, and with the serenity of isolation
there is lots of time to explore the internal realities of the body with eyes closed.

So what do you really wish to create?
The most precise way to manifest new realities
is to be very specific with your intentions on what your looking for -
that's what makes intentional community intentional.

There are many intentional communities in and around Vancouver -
what is your focus? Music, art? Gardening? Outdoors? All of the above? Wink

Blessings to your journey.


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