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posted : 2008.May.10 @ 9.42pm
hey everyone...

i am starting a campaign in alliance with the galactik trading cards
of creating simple, free flash websites for some of the wonderful artists
who do not have websites but really should since they are very skilled

often these are amazonian artists from south america
or canadian aboriginal artists
or spiritual temple dwellers who rarely leave their small spiritual communities

celebrating the first in this series :

Mauro Reategui Perez, from Pucullpa Peru

looking forward to showing more!

posted : 2008.May.15 @ 6.38pm
What a beautiful project! I love the butterflies in Perez' work. You are a teacher and healer to bring this to the world.

I'm curious if you have looked at getting grant funds for your project.

Keep on keeping on to spreading your light!


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