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posted : 2008.Mar.28 @ 10.40am

|| dj sets ||

Presenting our endeavors into dj land:



a midafternoon prayer

 a midafternoon prayer



|| netlabel ||

We've finally begun assembling netlabel style release pages: netlabel album cover




|| releases ||

Other choonz we may have randomly online right now:


ioTus - Osirus (space edit)

posted : 2008.Apr.07 @ 3.14am
good work beautiful one

posted : 2008.Jun.09 @ 5.15pm
A more ambient piano piece, we used a melody we've had in our head for a few years as the foundation for an improv piece recorded live in Ableton Suite.

ioTus - To Soma Heliakon

posted : 2008.Jun.10 @ 7.10am
Deeply melodic philosophical musings.
Thanks for channeling this, Geoff ~

posted : 2008.Aug.21 @ 4.05pm

New ambient meditation piece. Recorded live improv meditation session:

chant - august 20 2008


Available at the netlable release at the top of this post.

posted : 2008.Aug.21 @ 5.03pm

dude i'm so glad you're into chanting. thanks for sharing this... What are you using to loop the sound--was that during the recording or after?




i've been getting into overtoning in the last year //

posted : 2008.Aug.21 @ 5.08pm

Thank you, my friend! Am looking forward to some collaborative chanting with you.


The looping takes place live, what you hear is what you get. Using an E-MU  1616pci with E-DSP hardware processing, there is a 3 second mono delay at 96% return rate, 30% high frequencry cut-off rate, followed by a 12 second reverb in the hardware chain.

posted : 2008.Aug.22 @ 1.44am

that is some intense chanting sir, iotus


you had me floating at my creation station


posted : 2008.Aug.22 @ 8.17am

Ambient bliss

Vast open spaces

Soma Heliakon owns the moment

A podular soundtrack for deep ness 

Your visual style is most pleasing as well


Many thanks 

posted : 2008.Nov.13 @ 7.08pm

|| dj sets ||

Presenting our endeavors into dj land:



a midafternoon prayer

 a midafternoon prayer


posted : 2008.Nov.13 @ 11.30pm

posted : 2008.Nov.14 @ 7.41pm

my ears are cover with silk now.  awesome chanting.

I'm into overtone singing too, we should start a choral  lol



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