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index « events « Sacred Language - San Diego - April 6, 2008

posted : 2008.Mar.26 @ 11.04pm

Sacred Language
World Music, Electronica, Rock & Dance.
DeFever • DJ Sandbag • The Shimmy Sisters

Live drumming and looping with The Octopus vs DJ Sandbag.
Exotic tribal bellydancing with snakes and swords by The Shimmy Sisters.

Discover ancient rhythms, harmony & exotic instruments from around the Globe in the language without words...The Sacred Language. The drum inspires the rhythm within us all, explore a world of beats in this amazing journey!

"Playing solo with dancers is one of my favorite forms of musical inspiration and expression, the communication between drummer and dancer is unique and like no other, the subsequent build-up of energy and intensity is truely magical, a musical flow in motion!" - Reid DeFever

The Shimmy Sisters embellish aspects of creativity and art in their inspiring bellydance performances. Their diverse show may include snakes, swords, candles, fire fingers, isis wings, glow hula hoops, and traditional bellydance props such as veils and zils. They are unique, classy, and genuinely talented dancers that will undoubtedly mesmerize you. They are featured in the latest issue of Dance San Diego Magazine.

DJ Sandbag will add his signature sounds of India and the middle east, mixed with future dubstep and breaks to shake those bass bins! He has just released a new mix, called SpiritStars Fuente Friday Mix. Download it at

8pm - close
$5.00 cover

Kava Lounge - 2812 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101


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