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posted : 2008.Mar.03 @ 5.42pm

Thanks Air for getting me into the Pod. I've been Pod Surfer for a while now and it's good to be on the inside.

I just released a new mix of Symphonic madness. You can enjoy Alchemist's Symphony here on the pod:


>> Alchemist's Symphony 


>> myspace page

posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 7.09am
Welcome, Yona!

What a great way to jump into the pod!
Alchemist's Symphony is playing in heavy rotation here.
Right now I am doing most of my sonic bonding with the first half of the mix.
The Venetian Snares intro that transforms into the giant loping beats of Jelly Bass
has taken over my mind. It's the dopest track I have heard in many many moons.
Also, the traditional Chinese strings help create a nice cinematic effect for me.
The strings and beats together .... mmmmmm.... Stringbeats.

I look forward to pondering your last mix as well.
You get the olde skool podular props for this drop!

Label Photograph: Arturo Everrit
Minimalist Design: Aaron Rix

posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 8.08am
I totally love this mix!

posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 10.42am
glitchy symphonic goodness.
nice cd cover, too.

posted : 2008.Mar.04 @ 4.39pm
great transitions and pulsation nation
orchestration hits my main vein


posted : 2008.Mar.09 @ 1.51pm
The symphonic mix is great!
Could you provide a tracklist?
I recognize at least one ~ the Flashbulb track.
God, I love the Flashbulb...! Yummy glassy stuff.

posted : 2008.Mar.11 @ 12.31pm
There will be much bumping of these sounds around the grounds. Much froodness on the links, brother Yona!

So far our favorite track is around 27:00 into the 'Symphony set.

posted : 2008.Mar.14 @ 4.03pm
Thank you all. It was about 2 months in the making, i wanted to do something different from my dance floor mixes.

Sorry i failed you Venetian Snares
Sub Skank Jelly Bass
Funk IZ Vibesquad
Biggie Shorty Vibesquad
We Can Duz It Bill Bless
Sin Of Omission Bless
Cockney Violin Caspa
Angel Toasty
Temple Ball Gravious
Road Kill Marlow
Subterfuge Gravious
Wishful Thinking Vaccine
UFO Flashbulb
Chik Habit Flashbulb
Integraation Venetian Snares


posted : 2008.Mar.14 @ 4.05pm
27:00 in is Temple Ball.

From this CD I've been asked to do a Dubstep set for Cydonia in San Diego and possibly another at Kava. Keep your ears open.


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