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posted : 2008.Feb.23 @ 12.56am
Hello all

Ponder an idea of mine which has drove me crazy for years.
I truly believe that Ufo's are flying around us more than we know

We simply cannot see them because of the speed they travel.

The Human eye only sees "16 frames per second."....anything that crosses our path at a high enough speed is caught maybe in fraction of one frame "maybe",and is still not clear enough to determine what it was, or even if it existed.
You cannot see the flight of a bullet for this reason alone, however, if you use "high speed film" you can slow the bullet down until it becomes "visible."
It in fact was there, but you couldn't see it because of the speed
Thus the invisible now becomes visible.

Most "UFO" footage is of a craft hovering stationary, or slowly moving along is easy to spot as it is not moving very fast (visible), but when it accelerates with such speed off in some direction, it seemingly Disappears
It disappears due to the fact in the eye's extreme limitation in Frames Per Second .
as soon as the craft accelerates beyond this limit, "it becomes (invisible)."

Now, if this craft has a "heat signature" form some sort of propulsion, you should be able to capture that with Infrared right?
if you can slow it down.

I believe that by "combining the two" using Ultra High Speed Infrared film, you can see what until now, has remained "invisible."

New digital camera technology can shoot a Blistering "675,000 fps"
not possible? take a look

Taking a camera like this, adding Infrared, aim it at the night sky stationary for a period of time, in an area known for sightings, or hell anywhere in the sky
and I believe you can stop one of these crafts Dead in their tracks! no problem

It just makes plain and simple sense to me and I thoroughly believe it will work.


posted : 2008.Feb.23 @ 11.31pm
that would be interesting to try. and that would be cool to have one of those little cameras, you could have some serious fun with that kind of hi-speed.

when i was a kid growing up outside Santa Fe, NM; my father and I were outside playing basketball when i looked up and saw a UFO above us cruising silently about 100 - 200 yards above our heads. both me and my dad witnessed it, once it had moved some distance away from us my dad ran into the garage to get his binoculars and when we came out it was gone. finally after all these years of trying to recreate that moment in the 2D world, 3D software has allowed it to happen. just the other day a friend and i created that day in Maya. i distinctly remember its shape and its chrome like material. it was so mirror like i was able to see the reflection of the ground on its surface. this was the closest encounter i remember having with an unidentified flying object.
here is the clip

oddly enough, the house i grew up in was purchased from Admiral Ashworth; "Admiral Ashworth was part of the Manhattan Project and helped develop the detonation devices for both of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan to end WWII. He rode as weaponeer in the B-29 Bocks Car as it dropped the second A-Bomb on Nagasaki Japan on August 9, 1945"

I have heard a lot about UFO's having a draw to our Nuclear interests. so was that why it was over our house? we lived way out of town in the middle of nowhere. maybe they had been checking the Admiral out for a while? whatever it was, i will always wonder what was flying in that craft and why it was so close over our house.


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