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posted : 2004.Jul.14 @ 11.01am



Behold! The Metronap Pod <-- linkage

posted : 2004.Jul.17 @ 1.27pm
Awesome - the world is coming to POD! and where is this link to POD toilet sit cover? it was just as vital for POD survival...

posted : 2004.Jul.17 @ 1.52pm

This one? I agree, everybody needs one or two of these.

--> Order online today! <--


There's even a pod section in their photo gallery.

posted : 2004.Jul.27 @ 3.01pm
The PodBelt (discovered on the Burning Man newsletter)

posted : 2004.Jul.27 @ 8.01pm
How would you like to live in a pod house?


posted : 2004.Jul.28 @ 10.22am
Would you pod in here?

posted : 2004.Jul.28 @ 11.29pm
I'd pod in here:

A pic from Burning Man.

posted : 2004.Jul.31 @ 9.34am
Would you pod in this restaruant? Cheers
Be sure to Tour Pod for a 360 degree, panoramic view.


posted : 2004.Jul.31 @ 10.16am
I would definitely pod in here!

--> Halo Lounge Site <--

posted : 2004.Aug.03 @ 1.28pm

>>> Verner Panton <<< Hardcore podular goodness.

posted : 2004.Aug.06 @ 7.29am
Hey, your avatar goes nicely with that image.

posted : 2004.Aug.11 @ 9.57pm
This one sort of goes with yours.

click pic: The vids show the crazy color animations.

posted : 2004.Aug.13 @ 9.13am

A pod house at the bottom of a ski slope in Aspen.


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