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posted : 2008.Feb.12 @ 4.04am

it's quite a thing to observe -
watching the waves of novelty as modern life throws cultural patterns into chaos.

like a tsunami of unknown purifying everybody of our attachments.

how can we observe the deepening unknown which inhibits our ability to manifest rigid plans
into an organic matrix dreamfield of mentally networked auspiciousness.

the future is a great mystery!
some people are handling it better than others.

bows to the awakened navigators.

step up to it like a unicorn
and it will gobble you up!

watch out for goooble monsters
& dream big!


posted : 2008.Feb.12 @ 6.53pm
yes i know what you mean phong.

i'm working on an article about it right now for light science!

i will share here that there's one thing i figured out
about preparing for a future so vast and mysterious
that you can't possibly have any concept of what it will be
and that is...

<< build community >>>

reach out to people : make connections with them
that includes humans, plants, animals, spirits, and beyond

fortify and bless and honour the relationships in your world

the elves and the muggles, the old and the young
value every connection with every person
make it your most blessed mission to nurture that
slowly and intentionally, with great love

because when it comes right down to it
all we have
is each other


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