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posted : 2008.Feb.07 @ 3.16am
Response to : Kundalini Awakening and the Meme of Chakras...

infinite thanks for sharing your very evolutionary experience
and for deepening the space with the song of the chakras

kundalini shakti
coiled dormant shakti (life pulse) spiralling up from the roots towards infinite space
into the fire of life and up into the vastness of cosmic wind in order to be played as the universal song

how wonderfully designed is the human body
tho of course all life is coursing with this essence

indeed humans are so very special because of their ability...or at least their opportunity
to experience this flow of events that follow a delicate and also challenging course.
One that is cosmic in origin and planetary in its manifestation here.

You are a very perceptive and courageous being Phong
and your wisdom shared here is a gift to us all
Looking deeply into the furnace of self
in order to tend the fire is most probably the single most important work one can do
for self and of course for all others.



posted : 2008.Feb.07 @ 3.29am
I would like to invite anyone else to share any innerwordly experiences
that moved the shakti or lifeforce up and thru the chakras
from gentle to life transforming

these biological events are the very foundation of a world in shift
where our dna is being realigned and rewired in order to allow the rising and shifting frequencies
to be received without damaging our fragile biosystems
although thru concerted effort and meditation the energies flow freer and with more purpose
kundalini is the very essence of bio electric life expressed...
we ARE kundalini

of course experiencing things within the influence of mind altering elements
makes for a backseat journey at times..but i certainly think it is still relevent..
perhaps we are less recognizant and self contained
but kundalini rising is a phenomena that is deeply moving and so very unfamiliar anyways

so dive into the memory bytes
and share some of your journeys thru body awareness and breath

with love and light
courage and presence
may we build the bridge that remembers ALL

posted : 2008.Feb.09 @ 1.57am
i love you taoin!

briefly i will share that i read the book The Rainbow Serpent, a book that goes in depth into the "art of sexual energy". Merilyn Tunneshande was a student of Don Juan's (from the carlos castaneda books), and he decided to direct her to a female teacher, a wonderful sorceress referred to a dona Celestina. Tunenshande goes indepth into how dona Celestina trained her to cultivate and make use of her sexual energy for shamanic dreaming, and translated her teachings into a more chill, step by step version for the reader to follow along with. Some deep teachings there.

For men there are teachings as well, but I as a woman was taught that my sexual energy resides in a "lake", pooling energetically around the area of my womb. I learned from that book how to use breath to move sexual energy and the energy of orgasm all the way up my body and and let it satisfyingly flow down again back into my lake, to prevent any loss of this energy, and in fact to increase and generate it in my system from time to time. This beautiful process of cycling sexual energy has become something that i commonly practice now, and has benefitted me in many ways... definitely activating the dreamspace when i hold that intention.

The sacred shamanic insect of the moth is a perfect symbol of this, the way the energy cycles through her body as she madly flaps her wings. This kind of energy cycling is closely related to dreaming, which is explored in more depth than i have often found through this book.

it feels good for me to allow the super magical energy of orgasm to travel through all my chakras up the front and down the back. I highly recommend the book or the general practice to any woman.

posted : 2008.Feb.09 @ 3.20am
thanks for refreshing the topic!

the awakening of kundalini in the body is a deep life-altering process,
which facilitates heightened presence and awareness.

kundalini is a form of prana / chi.
yet in the same way that your internet connection is just electricity, it is also more than just electricity....
the electricity is encoded in a subtle pattern of information which feeds your body with knowledge.

the wires are in your body, and just like in a city, there are all sort of different kinds of energy moving through the wires.
there are phone lines, cable lines, power lines, many types of energy flow through the nervous system.

there is information from your brain to the hands on what to type,
there is information flowing from your stomach to the brain to inform the brain what it wishes to eat.
it is a very complicated dance of energy which coordinates your body,
and kundalini is a sort of cosmic super-conscious energy which flows up from the root chakra,
and amplified by energy in the sacral / sexual chakra.

there is also other forms of clear light which is drawn down from the crown,
though dealing with kundalini specifically -
kundalini is a particularly self-reflective form of energy which can be consciously directed
throughout the physical body by the mind to bring balance which effects the mind.

it is very 'yang' in it's own 'yin' way.

operating kundalini energy enables control over the contents of the mind
which is in turn operating the kundalini...
a self-generating feedback loop of self-consciously directed energy,
the awakening is the mind itself becoming self-aware and in control of it's own contents,
rather than being subject to the random rambling that the ego generates.

for instance, you are feeling a certain way. down and out, lonely, isolated. with kundalini awareness, you could see that there is a blockage in your heart chakra and move energy into that center consciously, changing the way you feel,
no longer victim to the random energies that feast on the mind.

imagine you didn't realize you could eat anything other than junk food,
and so your body was suffering from unhealthy discomfort and imbalance,
then one day you realized that you can just eat the food right off the trees and from the soil and the earth's energy moves right into your body making it feel fresh and alive!

well our minds are forced to eat the thoughts that flow through it's awareness,
and the self-promoting ego's thoughts are generally junk food for the mind
causing us to weave our lives into messy knots with external energies to selfishly promote ourselves.

the ego's thoughts have no conscious moderation at the pure energetic level and are bound to suffering.
kundalini is a deeply balancing flow of pure cosmic energy which can be cultivated in the body
bringing balance and light to wherever it is directed.

though the kundaini also has the power to amplify the ego if not used carefully!

I'm curious to know how many others in this circle are working
with this self-transforming cosmic energy.

I'd love to hear other's reflections,
and develop a path to awakening.

bowz to the way.

posted : 2008.Feb.09 @ 4.09am
blessings allies of the deepness
and heart sendings to you from the deep within we all share...

to continue in light.....
according to tantric philospshy
if our chakras were not spiralling and activated
we would not be alive

but of course as we have all experienced
we may at times be alive
and yet quite simply not living
as a result of the imbalance of one or parts of our self
mind body soul

or in relation to the chakras
a block or imbalance in one of the spiralling centers of the body...
7 being physically manifested in the body
12 in total with the chakras that also attune us to the Earths crystal core..and out... atmosphere, solar system, galaxy and universe

Phong has beautifully introduced the chakra centers in the kundalini meme below
which was a wonderful reminder of the depth to which these colors, vibrations and sounds affect our beings.

I would also like to share with you how i use this system in my movement classes
I usually break down the system of 7 into three worlds or bodies

lower -earth-body
upper chakras- vibration-spirit

as a way to understand the as above so below

lower realms embody....the feminine root,sacral,solar plexus

higher centers vibrate...the masculine sound, sight,consciousness

and the heart center bridges ....air, love, forgiveness, trust,

this can help us to attune to the flow of our internal ressources...
by being aware of the energy flow...

lower being more grounded and awareness
something i find my artist friends can at times forget about

when the higher realms are calling....vibration...cosm...sight..sound...higher awareness...celestial

the heart is the home...the chakra resting between the to both equally and without judgement
when balanced and open...
so i feel the way to enter into a deeper relationship with our bioelectric nature thru the chakra system
is to start with the heart...

exercises such as light heart..emanating heart...warming and expanding the heart center
to then explore the lower and higher realms with a deepened sense of trust and openness

there are also esoteric systems which activate the chakras in this way
(which i must say came to me in meditation and feels very aligned with the activation of the chakras)

meditation from

root to crown....
sacral to 3rd eye....
solar to throat
and then resting in the heart and activating the totality...

muladhara * sahasrara
svadhistana * ajna
manipura * visuddha

more to come.....

deep thanks for the expressions and teachings...
we are evolving in light
and the community of our world
can only benefit

peace is possible
Tao*in leaf dancer

posted : 2008.Feb.09 @ 10.54am
Anahata : caps locked for a reason. thank you for the useful term, Taoin Lore.

well, until i come up with more on this topic:

i care to relate an experience from my history
that a friend named walter ness organized with his friend linda clave that was
focused around spinal energy and energy system workings...[and word use]

one sunday morning in October, i drove up with walter and linda from somerville, to gloucester massachusetts and arrived at the beautiful home where this vital teaching would be introduced to the small class of ten. A few different schools of spirituality were represented, so naturally the conversation went through many intriguing places. we had a practicing shaman and teacher, buddhist practitioners were present, and spiritual improvisors, such as walter were there too. it made for a wonderful dance of souls. the different places people were coming from really inspired me. and so i sort of clammed up when the meeting congregated and it took the whole afternoon to get back in center, as i looked within and saw where my interests lie. being in the presence of good people humbles me.

walter had the group sit down on cushions, in a close circle. he invited us to sit with our spinal energy. it came out as many different forms of incandescence when described by the participants. Pain centers were encouraged to be communicated with, and traded with better feeling areas. for myself the column appeared as a sort of white indigo incandescent bulb, and was cool to 'zoom out' and see the other spines at one. at one point walter prodded my spine gently to demonstrate how he could invoke specific emotional frequencies through touch and vision. he got me to bring out some of my femininity, for example, or noted casually that i have much in the way of sexual energy. He would explain what my slight shifts in feeling were corresponding to when he prodded my lumbar, and i felt like the observations were authentic. the energy is mad subtle and pervasive, so it's to be well used. the workshop got me to acknowledge my own passive workings and begin to own them, and dismiss their power from over me.
After dialogging for a bit on how to navigate the body's energy, our group set out for the porch in the sun to have bean salad and tea. we then went on to try a different exercise that was oriented around amplifying [attuning to] the energy in the spine by visualizing it in your hands and then holding your partner's hands close together while your own energy intensifies. i sat down with linda and followed the directions. i saw the glowing mini-spine between my hands and then held fast to hers. what came to pass gradually before me was a geometric labyrinth of translucent, incandescent 2 D polygons flowing with luminous grace. i quite enjoyed that.
Then I returned the favor to linda, the more experienced of the pair.
that was so interesting. there was a peaceful effect, with the energy being flown the other way around. it was a much more attentive moment. such was working with linda, a beguiling connection between a more peaceful disciplined person and i. she ended up bringing my energy into her own body to fix up her dinged knee.
it was on the second go at opening up my own energy with linda that a noteworthy breakthrough took effect, releasing mind from forms and fixations and finding liberation! that was a beautiful light. and all i had to do was to stay with it.

on the porch, the small group of ten went on to describe the experience. that was fun, though difficult because the exercise was so intimately creative. it is worthwhile because it was creating a bridge what was happening in some deepness subjectively, and so inverting the experience, so as to share. everybody had a strong unique experience of white light and felt comfortable describing all the unique ways that the exercises moved them.

of course, handling this energy individually counts. no bones about that.
it's very interesting to see in what way it's shared and made use of.

thank you for the revelations
blessings and peace


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