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posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 11.36pm
And no.. this has nothing to do with Audrey Hepburn!

This thread is for faces. Just just any face, though... I want to see constructed, destructed, instru.. oh wait.. uh... nm... you know what I mean! Nothing 'natural' I'm looking for a little creativity and a lot of life!

Oh... and most importantly. It doesn't matter if it looks good or you think it's a bad idea, just so long as you HAVE FUN!

me first ::

I'll post more as I make them.. I was jost so excited... ^_^

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 11.43pm

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 11.57pm
I've got two more! ..and I think these are my last two for tonight...


dance! drums! dance!

(ahem.. yes.. sorry about the webcam quality.. it's all I have ^_^)

posted : 2004.Sep.28 @ 3.49pm

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 6.07pm
Some threads take longer than others to cycle. It sure is good to have a place for my berry bug.

posted : 2004.Nov.27 @ 7.59pm
That's awsome! I totally love it, Air! ^_^

posted : 2004.Nov.28 @ 9.25am
haha thats perfect

posted : 2004.Nov.28 @ 12.14pm
I concur! Perfect! Much fun.Smile


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