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posted : 2008.Nov.24 @ 9.58am

Thanks to all for the kind words  and encouragement.
I have been neglecting my personal creative responsibilities lately
but I do have a couple bits and bobs to share.  Hence forth I will be
doing my best to get back into a more regular production mode.

I'll start with this one.  It is entirely Photoshop and hovers somewhere
between a sketch and a finished piece.  The language and ideas behind it
were fun  to play with and give me hope that I have chosen the right project.


posted : 2008.Nov.26 @ 5.09am
Magical as always - yr diggin for "old stuf" Smile Air? OK... MORE!!!!

posted : 2008.Nov.26 @ 4.08pm

Gorgeous Air!


Reminds me of "The World of Dark Crystal" book by Brian Froud; one of my favourite books ever...


Looking forward to seeing more of this world of yours!

posted : 2008.Nov.26 @ 7.22pm

so how does the concept of the totem fit into dream archaeology?

I can think of a few possibilities but am curious to hear what you have been thinking.

i like the texture on this and really like that their is symmetrical deviation--not just that it's easy to mirror an image, but that somehow an imperfect mirror is maybe closer to nature.


i hope we can inspire you to continue delving into this project!

posted : 2008.Dec.07 @ 11.20am

For me the concept of Dreamarchaeology started in 1999 with this piece.

That is when the tagline "Excavated from the ruins of my mind." came to me.

It is no different from actual physical field research except that instead of exploring

physical space and a temporal past it explores innerspace and and imagined future-past. 

All other rules and concepts stay the same.


Here's another look at how my process works.

The Dream Key will most likely be one of several before I am done.

I am guessing it probably unlocks some portion of the subconscious.


It started as a pencil sketch.  You can see that I unintentionally smear graphite as I draw and

press down rather hard thus buckling the paper. 


My next step was to take it into Photoshop and fuss around with the values in a sepia version.

This adds some interest and hides those weak points I mentioned earlier.


After seeing it this way the next step seemed obvious.  The book will be fauxtastic as I am loopy for weathered,

beat up, old timey looking stuff.  It also seems thematically appropriate for this type of project.  So, it's off to

grab some paper and distress assets I have begun to amass.


 This drawing might be one of many on a page of things I sketched during a particular dream, surrounded by

my hand-written field notes and acompanied by other bits of added paper or photographikons from the "dig".


Not wanting to use the same papers as anyone else I desided not to use stock images or web-found treasures

for the final works in the book.  This led me to experimenting with drawing paper, coffee and tea.  I won't go into

the exact means of production.  I didn't have a map to get here I just tried all kinds of methods.


These are the results so far...





posted : 2008.Dec.10 @ 9.44am

I wish someone could help me to dig deeper into my archaeological mind scape Smile Paper textures is a great idea - back to the basics, right? "Do it yourself" is way more rewarding.

Are you going to scan these textures or dig photograph them?? Anyway with textures like these we'll see more productivity from Air, I am sure. Awesome, man...

I am going to brew some coffee!!! Wink     who knows...

posted : 2008.Dec.11 @ 6.55pm
ahh. I love those organic textures and earth tones.. nice one professor!

posted : 2010.Jan.27 @ 8.46pm

 This is a work in progress.


posted : 2010.Jan.28 @ 11.42am

Me likey. 

I was just wondering the other night when an update to the Dreamlogue would be posted.

Sure enough the professor came through.

Nicely presented.  

posted : 2010.Feb.10 @ 3.24pm

Glad to see you making your own textures and stuff. With such a nice camera, you almost have no excuse anyway, right?

I'm really enjoying this pet project of yours. 



posted : 2010.Feb.19 @ 7.18am
Just thought I'd chime in and offer props on the original paper texturing.  Even amidst all the digital bells and whistles, that earthy tangible media just makes you want to roll around in it.  That upper left one in particular is stellar, like coffee tie dye.

I also enjoy the texturing on the dragonfly's tail stone, and your endearing Ganesh wood piece.


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