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posted : 2008.Jan.28 @ 11.19pm
From my friend Silke Schilling, please take a read:

Dear friends,
and dear friends of the arts, ecology, of beautiful places, of joy and peace and creation,

I have had the pleasure to meet most of you at certain points in my life in various places of Europe and the US: on conferences, seminars, workshops, and just visiting. I have learned from and studied with you and I have shared stages of my life with you. Some of you I know better, some less, some only through others; many of you are my friends. We are artists, ecologists, philosophers, community workers, healers, spiritual teachers, architects, urban planners, and more. Many of us are all of that at once. We work freelance or with organizations, companies, administrations, universities, institutions, and live in many contexts, in which we meet people who share our experiences, our feelings and thoughts. I believe we all share the desire for positive change and healing. We are all human beings, and living everywhere on our beautiful planet we all are connected.

This email is a request. I would like to share a vision with you and I am inviting you to become a messenger of an arts project which to date exists yet as a potential. It will become reality if you want it to, and if it is the desire of everybody living, working, or visiting in Times Square, New York, and all the exciting and irritating squares of the world’s cities.
Some of you already know about this project, some do not. Here it is:

In April 2005 I went to New York and I visited Times Square, a miraculous and distressing place that immediately attracted me a unique way so that I came back again and again. It showed me numerous facets and many of its layers and in the end it blessed me with an inspiration.

It showed me a slow day, a twenty-four hours celebration of tranquility and creation, of reverence to a place, and a discovery of the artist in all of us. It spoke to me of serenity, arts and contemplation in the fastest, the least quiet place in the world. It spoke of its mystery that can only be revealed to the presence of many thousands of human beings.

Last summer I visited again and it felt like now was the time.


This vision is about an unplugged Times Square, La Piazza del Tempo as mellow as an Italian town square, the Square of the Arts, a self made play on Broadway, and the unraveling of the mystery of Times Square. Let us be quiet so a place can speak: through our works of art created during 24 hours from midnight to midnight: the music, the images, the poetry, the dance of the people of New York City.

I am inviting you to read about the details, the story and the actors on

I would like to ask you to help spread the word so that it will gain momentum and manifest at some point. Please forward this email and the web link, and tell your friends, colleagues, family, anybody who would like to read and know about it, and might like to forward it as well.

Talk about this project with everybody and the people in the streets; discuss the idea. Come up with your own ideas and tell us about these. If you would like to get involved, please write to anybody who you believe could help to make it happen. Would you like to support us in any way? We would appreciate any help you can offer. If you are part of an organization, of an administration, or a Times Square based business please get in touch.

If you don’t live in New York City or its neighborhood but feel attracted to the idea, please look for the beautiful and miraculous but noisy, clogged or hectic place in your town or city. Imagine it to be a centre of quietude and a place of the arts for one day. Create your Day of the Arts in your place. Join us and help spread the message, and make it an event for the whole of America, for Europe, for Africa, Asia, Australia, and wherever you live in the cities of the world.

Please join us in creating a celebration of the wonderful cities of the world and our global artists’ community in our local areas for one day. Get in touch, and get connected.
Give the vision wings and speak it into being.


Thanks mods for cleaning up this post.

Day of the Arts Blog


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