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posted : 2008.Jan.23 @ 4.42pm
A complex of astral aural:ness infiltrates
I have been wanting to make a list of new music that I'm digging because it seems as though there is a lot of great stuff coming out lately. Also, I am sneaking in a few other recommendations that are not as recent, but have inspired me a good deal and I seldom come across visionary sorts who know of them. Notice that breath is apparently vital for something... Wink

Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale » Breathing Under Water (2007) [The next generation of east meets west meets the other]
Younger Brother » The Last Days of Gravity (2007) [Amazing production and mastering and unusual subtlety]
Kilowatts » Ground State (2007) [Amazing production and mastering]
Mercan Dede » 800 (2007)
Radiohead » In Rainbows (2007) [Awesome, sobering]
Jami Sieber and Kim Rosen » Only Breath (2007)
Jami Sieber » Hidden Sky (2004) [Deep into winter one finds the cello]
Mercan Dede » Nar (2002) [The sufistic blend that this cd brings out is deeply poignant
and yet unmistakably hopeful―Nar-I can gets me somewhere subjacob―I am going to paint this song someday]
Jami Sieber » Second Sight (1998) [Painfully beautiful poetry with cello, tribal elements and voice]

The spinal cord reverberates with new monosensonic lore of distant selfdoms―add some vision and take flight~!

Please contribute your finedigs Surprised ~

posted : 2008.Jan.27 @ 4.28pm
for a steady flow of good painting music i tune into 'original electronic music radio' it is a streaming online radio station and delivers the goods.

posted : 2008.Feb.04 @ 8.52pm
John Coltrane: Ballads
Miles Davis: Ascenseur Pour l'Échafaud :
Air: Moon Safari : Always listened to it when i was in Italy with my first love and my high school madrigal singers group.
Plants: Photosynthesis :
Sun Ra: Jazz in Silhouette :
Philip Glass: Solo Piano :
Cocteau Twins : Otherness
Paul Simon The Rhythm of the Saints
François Carrier Trio : Compassion <--Superb Saxophoning holy crow!
word up on this thread! very cool to know you're rocking radiohead...very graceful for my gullet heh heh

much love tooo !!!!

posted : 2008.Feb.11 @ 8.37pm
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I love Miles Davis, even some of his later more experimental stuff. Phillip Glass is also a big inspiration for me. Actually I find the score to the movie Kundun to be his most intense and moving composition. I took a community college class on Tibetan culture and religion in 2003 tought by one of the actors in the movie, Nawang Dorje, (a Harvard grad) who has hence returned to India and created the first Tibetan liberal arts college in Bangalore. A little tangential, but most of the cast was composed of native Tibetans with relatively no acting experience. Dorje had a minor role in the movie, playing one of the government officials (it's been a few years since I have seen the film, so I can't remember exactly who he played). Not a big fan of mob movies, so I consider Kundun to be Scorsese's best work. This makes me want to listen to the soundtrack right now...! So I will. Smile

If you'd like to chat with him and inquire about his vision for Tibetan culture, feel free to email him:

Don't worry, he has a secretary. Wink

Hey, another group I want to bring up are the Wailin' Jenny's, a group of three canandian ladies who sustain wonderful harmonies. Just curious to see if some of you canadins know much about them and could fill me in on their background. I first got into their music through the cd "40 Days". Very special to me.

Love you all ~


posted : 2008.Feb.13 @ 7.29pm
Hey friends ~ observe this musicality, listenable through
it's an album called the stage names

okkervil river

i listened to it oh so much during the sumer so i thought it right to share
i send you my love always

posted : 2008.Feb.18 @ 12.42pm
Oh-my-fooking-gourd! My friend showed me this cd last night--totally blew my mind. Dave Crowder - Animal Dreams

posted : 2008.Feb.23 @ 11.43am
Tipper has a new cd out!!!

A bit more minimal than his previous flow,
but still melting and reforming fractalized crystals.
Break one off before it molds itself around you!

Tipper ~ Tertiary Noise

posted : 2008.Apr.14 @ 7.07pm
Bassnectar Transmission // 0008

posted : 2008.Nov.09 @ 6.06am

Trance Tech // of the slower psy-order

» Electrypnose - Funked Up [2008]


Electric Animals has a faster psy flow,

but then breaks into some really big,

melodic trancey stoof.  Check out their site.

posted : 2008.Nov.22 @ 2.45pm

Hibernation // from the dood that makes kaya project

Hibernation - Some Things Never Change [2008]

Aleph Zero Records.  Here is the E-Flyer.

posted : 2008.Dec.09 @ 8.56pm

Some great mixes.


» LotusDrops


» KnowOne - Sum Knew




and of course


» Yona

posted : 2008.Dec.21 @ 1.36pm

thanks Yona.  I'll check these out.


more releases.


» Kaya Project - And So It Goes...

wonderful tour of world sounds building very nicely off of the previous kaya albums.


» Warp Technique - Make Animals Happy

this is a very well produced album, with a nice range of electronic styles, although mostly dubby and prog psy.

the track "solid state" has a quote of Martin Luther King Jr. that really moved me.  i'll try to find it and post it later.


» Waterjuice - Liquid Journeys

awesome dancier album... breaks, house, acidy...  yum.


» Trifonic - Emergence

this is that album that contains the track from that you tube music video that i posted the other day.

this is free to download...  highly recommended!


these are more electronic in nature.  i will balance things out with some other recommendations later.


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