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index « events « REVELATIONS : Live from Seattle

posted : 2007.Dec.29 @ 11.55am
We will be back online before 1pm PST.

Past recordings:

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 2.52pm
^ Broadcasting live and direct from Revelations.

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 5.06pm
Just got back into town today.
Wish I could have attended. Crying or Very sad

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 6.44pm
I came.
I watched.
I chatted.

Super cool.
The Andrew Jones interview was great!

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 8.10pm
Are you teaching a workshop Phong?

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 8.46pm
wish i could be there... Pulsing Love

posted : 2008.Jan.05 @ 9.04pm
damn! how did this never fall on my radar!?!

i would have for sure been down there to rock it...
looks like a wicked program. definitely looking forward to phong's post nessa...

posted : 2008.Jan.07 @ 7.09pm
Back online for a few hours.

posted : 2008.Jan.08 @ 12.29pm
that was a good party Smile


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