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posted : 2007.Dec.11 @ 9.05pm
This is so relevant and absolutely beautiful!
Biggest of ups to those involved.

From the deepest depths of gratitude, I give thanks.

I showed this trailer to some of the middle-schoolers
I work with and they loved it.
It appears that some of us are tweaking the rainbow of
scenic archetypes very well indeed. Wow!

(A USB key would make a great gift, btw!) Wink

posted : 2007.Dec.12 @ 11.18am
This is severely awesome. The level of polish and pure professional quality of this is amazing guys.
Everyone involved should feel beyond proud. I look forward to seeing more!


posted : 2007.Dec.14 @ 6.46am

posted : 2007.Dec.16 @ 12.37am

i needed a USB thing anyway Smile

posted : 2007.Dec.18 @ 2.27pm
solus told me yesterday to watch the illuminated teaser.
i am so proud of you guys for working on this project.
i hope that it comes to its fullest blossoming and deepest transmission possible.
i'm sure the keys will unlock the doorway to make it a full reality.
blessings for your creativity!


posted : 2007.Dec.21 @ 2.54am
blessings ~ thanks for the werd guys! I look forward to the gaping unknown that is 2008.

›› High res quicktime

posted : 2007.Dec.21 @ 7.16am
Aya is a cutey!
+ The especial fx are tripped!
I am giddy looking forward--must scrape together for USB key ~

Unravel the Source!

posted : 2007.Dec.21 @ 7.33am
Nice one, Phong!
I like that cut, the text and the track.

Aren't you supposed to be on vacation? Wink

posted : 2007.Dec.21 @ 9.24am
harkin' froody, my towel-carrying friend. I anxiously await the arrival of my crystalKey

posted : 2007.Dec.23 @ 1.55pm
This is Awesome!
I was falling asleep last night
and was playing with the interface that
illuminated introduced into my mind.

Props: asis to the podular masters involved
in the manifestation.

posted : 2007.Dec.23 @ 10.16pm
WOW!! Intense project! That has got to be tricky driving a project like this with all the creative input involved. Nice tight focus of the creative energies so far. Is there (or will there be) a companion graphic novel? There seems to be a huge amount of planning and effort going into this, and it is beautiful work too. This could go big...

best wishes, - Z.

posted : 2007.Dec.24 @ 4.18pm
oh my god
oh my godd.ess!!!!!!

the new teaser is even tastier.
hotter. jazzier. funkier. UH.
Yeah. You've got me excited about this project.
Can't wait to see what y'all come up with.....
very proud of you!


posted : 2008.Jan.24 @ 1.37pm
Key received.
Bows ~

I really dig the dreamfield spiral. My friend and I were chatting about the deep and unmapped whilst browsing the illuminated jpgs. It's an intriguing play on the golden ratio , integral spiral dynamics and possibly Swami Sri Yukteswar's cosmoyogical mappings. I'm assuming that the relationships will be explained in future illuminated chapters, but I can't help but be curious about the inspiration that went into this map and the potential pathways it affords.

Maybe it would be fun to create a thread to discuss this map and propose others.

Illuminated hearts ₪


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