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posted : 2007.Dec.10 @ 4.47am
i haven't posted here in ages. so just how is everyone these days? Pulsing Love

posted : 2007.Dec.10 @ 6.40am
Hi, Katheryn!
All is well here. Life is huge and full.
Home life is bliss and all my peeps are well.
I am trying to make time for my own art but spend
most of my time on various podular networking and promotion flows.

The fora has slowed to a trickle over the years and is no longer the cool hang out it once was.
People lurk, a few post and the full promise of the fora is a memory. Perhaps not for long though.

Phong and I are moving the pod to a bigger server and thinking about what upgrades can be made.
After all the moving is done the fora will expand to include the illuminated project forum at which
time we will make it open to the pubic. We will need moderators to help us keep any unpodular behavior to a minimum.

I'm glad you stopped in. I'm curious to see new photos and paintings.
You ever get out to Californina? Lots of podlings out here Smile

posted : 2007.Dec.10 @ 5.30pm
i saw the illuminated teaser and it looks very intriguing. any place where i can read more about it?

and nope - never got out to california. it's on my to-do list though. Mr. Green

posted : 2007.Dec.10 @ 7.53pm
Hi Katheryn! Blessings.

Here's a little drop on Illuminated :


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