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posted : 2007.Nov.05 @ 3.39pm
Hello all.
Its been awhile, but im trying to get into the swing of things by wrapping up all my old projects for the purpose
of moving on! One of those things holding me back for so long has been my first experiment with a full length Album.
Some of it it made from very old sound sketch's and some newish ones all wrapped up in fuzzy sonic cloud.
So anyway... its finally up and running.
check it out!

posted : 2007.Dec.31 @ 11.34am
Hey Silky!

I like the sounds your using for this album...
how do you make them?

~art " '

posted : 2008.Jan.02 @ 11.21am
Hey! thanks.

for the sounds i use FL7 -well on most of the album it was probably FL4/5.
and sound forge for recording everything else - guitar and ambient junk.
Then i run it all thru T-Racks.... so i guess the answer to your question is that
its mostly a bunch of freebie Vsti's


posted : 2008.Jan.02 @ 6.09pm
hey thanks!
I guess I will keep that in mind next time
I pay the music vendor a visit. Buddha


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