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posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 6.28am
Since Ang and I are doing a cleanse right now I thought I would post
links to it. We are only doing this for a couple days, not the full ten.
Either way fasts and cleanses are your friend. Western culture has
done lots of harm to our health and the way we think about it.

The Lemon Cleanse

The Biological section has much potential so let's get it going.
I think a recipe thread is in order also. Very Happy

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 10.50am
Spring and Autumn are the best times to start a cleanse. When the seasons change, so do our bodies. We tend to eat differently in the summer and winter. More salads and ice cream in the summer, and more soups and breads in the winter. Detoxification through fasting has many benefits, such as a noticeable increase in energy, mental clarity, clearer skin, removing harmful toxins, and strengthening the immune system. It can also help you kick your caffeine/sugar/nicotine habit.

Article on Detox programs:

Article on Fasting:

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 1.36pm
If you plan on doing a cleanse, keep in mind that if you do have caffeine, sugar, nicotine or any other habits that doing a cleanse for a couple of days will not necessarily ensure that you will kick these.

Addiction is more than just a chemical reaction in your system that can be changed simply by doing a cleanse. In the case of some, it may very well work. Be kind to yourself if it does not eliminate your cravings for these. There may be some other underlying source/cause.

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 6.21pm
I'm curious, is it possible (or recommended) to keep up some kind of vitamin or supplemental routine while doing this cleansing?

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 6.41pm
For the one we are using, the Lemon Cleanse, it is recommended that no supplements
be used, only the listed items. There are fasts that use lots of supplements but most
suggest that you use only what they provide. I'm sure there are many ways to do it and
many opinions about each way. Everyone's physiology is different so even if you follow
all the instructions something may not be right for you.

posted : 2004.Sep.22 @ 9.29pm
Ah, the lemon cleanse you mention here is actually the THE MASTER CLEANSER
BY STANLEY BURROUGHS...very, VERY good! I would suggest a week-long cleanse...if it isn't possible to do the whole week on just the lemonade due to conflicting work schedule, etc. that 3 days of the lemonade is bookended by a few days of raw juice and veggies, totalling one week.

This is a fantastic ease into seasonal changes, and does amazing things for the body. Exercise moderately during the cleanse (walking, tai chi, etc.), and if possible, receive at least one hour massage during the week for optimal lymph movement.

If ambitious, this cleanse can be safely executed for up to 30 days.

2-3 days are not likely to kick addictions to sugar, caffeine, nicotine, etc... but 7-10 days can have amazing results.

posted : 2004.Sep.23 @ 4.32am
I agree with Vanessa on the approach to the cleanse and the amount of time to do it. I did one during a time of physical crisis about 8 years ago and it helped me out a great deal. I did it for 6 days. The first time you take a bite of food after it is such a trip!

I had a friend who did the full 30 days and has never been able to eat sugar since. Unless you drink an unhealthy amount of coffee it is not necessarily the negative thing that you hear about. If a person has low acidity in their stomachs then coffee can actually be of benefit. However, if it upsets your stomach then you may want to cut back or quit altogether.

Still, nicotine is a different type of addiction. As I stated before, there are some who may be able to let it go from doing the cleanse, which is great. If you have been smoking for a number of years then there are most likely also psychological attachments to the drug. That is usually what makes it so difficult to quit. The physical addiction leaves your system in about 4-7 days depending on your chemistry. So, don't beat yourself up if you can't give that up right away. You can also begin to look at what causes you to want a cigarette other than just the need for nicotine.

posted : 2004.Sep.26 @ 4.24pm
So, here I am, trying out this lemon diet. I must say, I've never tasted anything quite like this before. That's not the only unusual experience I've had with this diet, though. I went to three different stores today looking for that Madal Bal Tree Syrup. I know I've seen it before, somewhere, because I remember seeing it and saying to my girlfriend "Why in the hell would anyone buy tree syrup?". Well, now I know the answer to that question. Wink

I eventually found some passable syrup, a Grade B organic maple and once I got it home and had a taste, it was all I could do to stop myself from just drinking it straight. (I apparently have a sugar addiction)

So, I took some lemons, quartered them and squeezed them until I couldn't squeeze any more. Not a whole lot of juice out of one lemon. I was suprised. In the end, I managed to mix everything together and clean up the resulting mess on my counter. I was not aware that I had no funnel. Confused

When all that was done, I decided that I may as well start off with the salt water cleanse. It only made sense to start with a clean slate, after all. So, I mixed up a quart of salt water and drank it up. It was allegedly supposed to start working in about an hour... It made me burp. Well, whatever, I guess. At least I tried. (And yes, I did use uniodized sea salt, so I'm not sure what could have went wrong)

Well anyways, here I am now, drinking this unusual concoction that I added just a bit too much pepper to, so I have to drink some water after every half dozen sips or so. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up, especially if my adventures keep turning into misadventures. Nonetheless, the effort is being made, and I hope to come out of this thing at least a little bit healthier.

The End... or is it?! *cue overly dramatic and unfitting music*

posted : 2005.May.09 @ 4.04pm
so how'd it go?
I think I'm going to do it a little later in the week, as long as I can last.
I'm good at forcing my mind into these kind of things so it might last a while.
I'll report back.
Rolling Eyes

posted : 2005.May.09 @ 5.45pm
Maybe i'll give this a shot my self. I know of a couple people doing it at the moment and given the current state of things in my life, then this may be a good idea.

posted : 2005.May.09 @ 6.45pm
... and for best results, no drinking or puffing. Confused

posted : 2005.May.09 @ 10.05pm
ha! I'm liking how the original post was at 6:29 am Very Happy
let me know if you do it poxin, we can compare notes.

posted : 2005.May.10 @ 11.52am
not that I really want to, but why does puffing interfere?


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