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posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 1.20am
So how are you doing? Have you managed to keep it going? *big smiles*

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 5.33am
mumbai, i only did a couple of days, i didn't think i was ready for a full 10. Despite the horror of the Salt flush taste, the effect it produces is very good, i felt great afterwards. Also like both melo and you mentioned, you soon realise when it's your body rather than your mind saying "i'm hungry"

I'll definitely do this again.

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 8.44am
That's wonderful. I'm so happy you've tried this and had a good experience with it. I'm looking forward to starting it up again very soon but I'm on some meds right now and will be getting my wisdom teeth out in just a few weeks. I don't want to do anything that might have any ill effects when they put me to sleep for that. Then I have a wedding to go to just a few short weeks after that and, well.. I think doing the cleanse just after that would be perfect. It'll be closer to the changing of the seasons and I can enjoy all that is offered at the reception (plus the person working on the bridesmaids dresses won't kill me for losing even MORE weight.. I have to go in for a third fitting a few weeks before the wedding.. the seamstress is a little miffed about that <_< >_>)

posted : 2005.Jul.24 @ 10.13am
heh, yes they do tend to get miffed about things like that. Very Happy

posted : 2008.Dec.09 @ 5.41pm
Nice posts and support.  I too have fasted quite a few times over the last 5 years.  I find that it resets my desires for sugar, salt and caffeine.  It also revamps my desire for simple raw foods.  Last year i did a 7 day fast on a sailboat while having to cook meals for the crew.  Spending 2 hrs cooking a delicious meal actually satiates the desire to eat a bit.  Smelling the food is almost enough. 


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