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posted : 2005.May.25 @ 11.15am
Yeah man, go for it.
It does say in the book, that those who need to gain weight, will, at the end of the fast.
From what I understand it really only gets rid of uneccesary weight. Which i have my share of...

posted : 2005.May.25 @ 4.26pm
It also states, doesn't it, that those who don't wish to lose weight can up the content of the syrup? I forget how much, though. Also, those with weight issues can slightly lower the amount of syrup in an attempt to lose even more weight. I admit I was tempted to try the latter (clinically I'm considered 'obese'.. personally I think they're full of shit) though the first time around I will probably stick to the tried and trusted method. If I do the fast again in the future, then I may play with the dosages to suit my particular needs a little more.

btw, Melo, thank you so much for the info on the Herbal tea. The local grocery store had some in their organic section. Not the brand you mentioned, but the active ingredient is senna. The cute pharmecist found it for me and everything *wink*

posted : 2005.May.25 @ 4.49pm
State these things, it does!

posted : 2005.May.26 @ 7.55am
Melo- I have been following this from the beginning, and I applaud you! Well done!! I know the feeling of a clear mind and a light body during the fasting process. and, of course, the harder days of feeling taxed, which is usually the toxins having it's way with you before expulsion. It definitely makes you want to eat healthier. I am so glad that you did it and are feeling good. Dancing

posted : 2005.May.27 @ 8.15pm
And so it begins.

I read it's recommended to start with the laxative tea or flush the night before. The last meal I had was a very small wrap at lunch and a berry smoothie (no milk) so I figured my stomach was empty enough to start with the salt water. It was all I could do to keep it in. Not as bad as I was afraid, but still.. gyeagh... *shudder*

So it's now four hours later and the flush hasn't kicked in.. and I'm hungry.. so I decided to start getting into the habit of having the lemon drink when I get hungry. It's... interesting. I thought it would be sweeter from the syrup but it soo isn't. If anything, I think I may have put too much cayenne in it.. it burns the back of the throat pretty good *snicker*

Not sure how I'm going to drink 12 glasses of it a day.. but a woman's own personal mule-like stubbornness will persevere!

posted : 2005.May.29 @ 8.34am
Well, it's day two.

I find I'm looking forward to the taste of the lemonade now. I lowered the cayenne dosage and upped the syrup to a full two tablespoons rather than almost two tablespoons, though I think now that I'm used to the taste and rather enjoy it, I may be able to start slowly lowering the syrup and upping the cayenne.

I'm not hungry.. not my body anyway.. but my mind is. My thoughts are brimming with the desire for food. I'm very quickly becoming aware of my weakness for greasy foods and sugary foods. Up until re-reading this thread that's all I wanted. Now, of course, I'm dreaming of that beautiful veggie spread Melo posted a picture of in this thread >_>. Already I'm finding I also have an emotional attatchment to eating. I want to eat when I'm bored or annoyed and I just found that sudden bursts of happiness and joy bring on the desire to eat. Interesting that.

posted : 2005.May.29 @ 6.39pm
In the first few days of this cleanse, did anyone of you that have tried it have problems with headaches that won't go away? I"ve had one that started late last night and it's stronger than ever now.. any recommendations on getting rid of it? I won't take painkillers unless I have solids in my stomach and figure if it persists until tomorrow night, I'll turn this into a simple three day thing and start in on the road to solids on Tuesday...

posted : 2005.May.29 @ 10.15pm
Yes, I had the problem of headaches that wouldn't go away and I felt weak from not eating, so I had to end the fast. I wouldn't take painkillers on an empty stomach either. Some people are just not meant to fast. I have gotten headaches (when not doing a fast), when I get hungry and can't eat right away. So, I must be one of those people. Plus, I cannot afford to lose any weight.

And yes, we do have an emotional attachment to food. The desire is in the mind, mostly, and in our routine. You'll find that after fasting for a few days that you have so much extra time, because that's the time usually spent on grocery shopping, cooking, or going out to eat.

Thanks for updating us on the status of your fast, MumbaiVibe! It's awesome that you are giving it a try, and hopefully you will come out of it feeling better.

posted : 2005.May.30 @ 10.04am
Have you ever checked to see if you're hypoglycemic? It has to do with the sugar levels in your body and if not watched could lead to diabetes.. though from the sounds of it you're a fairly healthy person to start with so I wouldn't be too worried. My mom has that problem and since she did a bit of research into hypoglycemia and started eating as they suggest.. even just the tiniest bit when she feels the need to.. she finds she doesn't get the headaches or the shakes. I have that problem as well, though not to the point where it's a medical condition, just a nuisance.

My headache is now gone and I'm beginning to wonder if it was the sugar levels. I had fairly strictly followed the amount of syrup to put in and my headache increased incrementally. When I went to the store to get more syrup they didn't have the kind I needed so I picked up some black strap molasses, this is recommended for diabetics to use so I figured it would be ok as a temporary solution. Well, after that bottle of lemonade my headache just shot through the roof. So for the next few hours I had straight water and the headache decreased a little. Then in my next bottle of lemonade I decided to try and make the tiny bit of syrup left last as long as possible so I halved the amount.. and the headache lessened even more.. then my non sweetened tea and the headache almost went away.

Now I am headache free and surprisingly energetic! My flatmate has is also considering starting the fast tonight, though she is skeptical. It's kind of exciting.. the idea of doing it WITH someone!

posted : 2005.May.30 @ 12.27pm
Hey Mumbai, Congratulations, sorry I haven't been near the computer all weekend...
How are you doing with the tea & flush? I got mild headaches on the days I wasn't sticking to it.
As far as the syrup goes, I wouldn't try reducing it until you've stabilized a little bit, you might even try using a little more, since this is what your body is running on.
The first few days are the worst, i want to encourage you to keep going a little bit longer and see if you don't start feeling better. but if they get worse I would drink some OJ then move into the vegetable broth.

I am a Nichiren Buddhist, so the times it got really bad for me I would meditate to manifest the courage to continue. You might try relaxing and doing some breathing techniques.
Keep updating please! I'm off to get some live lunch from here.

Raw food rules!

posted : 2005.May.30 @ 12.29pm
sorry looks like we were posting at the same time. Keep researching!
you're tough, your gonna make it! Very Happy

posted : 2005.May.30 @ 5.19pm
^_^ Well.. I don't really know much about meditation and I've never really tried it outside of gym class in early highschool (wow, that was a long time ago...) so I already know I'd be too distracted with wondering if I'm doing it right. At least.. with your average run of the mill meditation. I do have the ability to make my Self go still and quiet while doing mundane tasks. Usually things that don't require thought, just repetitive action.. I've found it's helped a lot. One of these days, though, I would love to learn a few proper techniques for meditation.

As for the sugar levels, I'm going to try them where they are for another day and see how I do with it. So far I'm feeling much better than I was on the weekend.. I also like the taste a little more with less sugar >_>

posted : 2005.Jun.01 @ 2.27pm
so how's it going?


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