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posted : 2005.May.15 @ 10.04pm
helpful hint in case anyone else is trying it:

Limes taste way better than lemons

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 11.09am

Welp, one lemony glass down the hatch.
Quite tasty actually, I was somewhat suprised.
A question though, is it supposed to be just pure juice? Strained and all?
My first glass sort of left me wondering if I was supposed to have pulp in there.

When I was buying the supplies, a woman who had tried the fast before noticed the lemons and syrup in my hands. We talked for a while about her experiences and her son's.

And after the first glass, I'm feeling very positive and I'm thinking about trying it longer than my initial plan of 2 days.

Air, your artwork always amazes me. I think it was the first of many reasons that made me keep coming back the fora.

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 11.20am

In the master cleanser book by stanley burroughs he says pulp is OK.
The pulp becomes something you look forward to.

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 5.40pm
How much lemon can one eat a day before it becomes harmful to the digestive system? I have been squeezing 2 a day for a couple of weeks and feel pretty good.

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 5.52pm

I gave in. My willpower suuuuuuucks. Smile

I didn't eat anything before I started so I was starving by the time I started. Even after a few drinks, I was still starving. I'm going to give it another try later in the week.

posted : 2005.May.16 @ 6.05pm
start with one day fasts.
this is how I do it, one day fasts ~ once a week.

then move to two days, three.

then if you're still feeling gnarley,
give it the full 10 day treatment.

your body needs a balanced mineral content to run properly.

the way my body is and consumes nutrients,
on a second day of fasting I become so light headed
that everything is constantly whiting out.

you know how when you're sitting down for a long time
then suddenly stand up and move, somtimes you get a headrush
and evrything turns white?

after a couple days of fasting
this happens for long periods, anytime I move at all.
it sort of feels like I would imagine dying.

anyways, this is what happens when the balance of my body
doesn't get protein for a couple of days-
though I still fast frequently for just short periods,
and tend to drink a steaming glass
of fresh lemonade (w/ stevia, no sugar) each night before bead,
leaving at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.

everybody's balance and lifestyle is different,
though if you're body is saying NEVAR!
then don't do it.

and that implies that if your body isn't hungry,
then don't eat.-
remember, your mind is ALWAYS hungry,
don't mind him.

notice the distiction between head hunger and body hunger-
then always take advice from the most intuitive one,
when tends to be the body.


this is why we fast for long periods-
we feal heavy and are unhealthy
because our bodies are so filled with waste
that hasn't had time to be naturally cleaned out.

before it has a good chance,
we tend to shove more food down
and so it has to deal with that,
and the cells don't have the opportunity to
dump their toxins, and for your digestive system
to properly scrub itself clean.

and so after years of habitally
forcing down toxic junk food,
saturated oils,
smoke, drugs, alchohol,
and charred meat- a lot of toxins
build up in the organs.

fasting gives the body a chance to fully exhale this whole mess-
balance the force feeding with force-fasting,

though it can take some time and multiple fasts to retain the
mystical lightness you probably remember feeling as a child.

though if this archive of toxins simply don't exist in your body,
there is no purpose in fasting more than a day or two.

practicing yogis always fast for one day a week,
and during the week
eat two substantial, healthy meals a day,
then fruit and tea in the morning or evening,
leaving at ~16 hours overnight,
between dinner and breakfast,
for the body to cleanse.

this is the daily fast, then once a week for a whole day,
then most do a longer one every ~ 2 months.

to get the most benefit from fasting
it should be balanced thoughout your entire lifestyle.

the key to fasting too is eating only clean and healthy foods
when you do eat, and having this buffer between meals
so you won't have to do it again for a while.


posted : 2005.May.16 @ 9.07pm
I've never heard of stevia before.
i just did a google search and it sounds awesome.

Being on this fast has really opened me up to the idea of eating a way more controlled and healthy diet. The main thing for me, like you mentioned, is learning the difference between body hunger and mind hunger. that was really hard the first couple of days but what a major benefit to become aware of it.

I'm going to try for at least 10 because I'm probably a walking toxic cocktail.
But after I get off it I'm going to take your advice and do it once a week from now on.

First thing I'm going to eat after all the come-down cycle foods is this:

It'll be in my dreams until then Wink

posted : 2005.May.18 @ 9.12am
phong, that sounds good... short but frequent, I think it's time my body had a change, after not having had *any* caffeine in the past 8 weeks i feel much better for it and would like to continue this. ( i was a complete coffee junky, so much it started screwing around with my heart). it's all herbal tea and water. Crying or Very sad

melo, i don't think I'll have your staying power, but I'm certainly going to re-evaluate my diet!

posted : 2005.May.21 @ 10.33pm
Anson, thanks for the helpful feedback.
I'll put a lot of that info to good use.
Thanks Smile

Melo, how goes your fasting?
Update us!

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 11.54am
day 10, just squeezed a glass of orange juice. It's sitting in the kitchen.
This will be the beginning of my 3 day trip back into the world of food.

It's been crazy. I've lost a lot of weight, my skin and hair feel really good.
I have way more energy and my thoughts are very clear.
I must admit though there were moments of torture. It can be taxing.

I'm going to try it again soon.
thanks for the support everyone.

Frog Buddha

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 11.58am

You are so hardcore. Deep respect for this one.
Yelo Wan is in the house! I need to see a self portrait
of the newness! Reveal your transcendent state to us.

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 11.58am
10 days, that's excellent melo Cheers

posted : 2005.May.22 @ 8.38pm
Rock Rock Rock

Congratulations Melo-Yellow!
Hearing more positive out comes makes me want to try it again.


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