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posted : 2005.May.10 @ 11.58am
I'll smoke a bowl for you
I like that he winks.

posted : 2005.May.13 @ 12.06pm
Ok so I started this morning.

First I did a saltwater flush:
2 tbsp uniodized sea salt
1 quart of lukewarm distilled water, I used smartwater

Then the Lemonade
10oz smartwater
2 tbsp of juice squeezed from an organic lemon
2 tbsp Grade B organic Maple Syrup (Jeskar's right, this stuff is goooood Pulsing Love )
1/10 tsp cayanne pepper

I can already feel how this is working, if you know what I mean Confused
Also the BTUs from the cayanne are kicking in, i wouldn't advise wearing polyester on the master clense. Overall I feel pretty good. I normally get kind of poopoo'd out if I don't have my coffee and I feel especially energetic today without it.

I'll post back as I get furthur into it.
Toilet monster

posted : 2005.May.13 @ 12.38pm
This is interesting... and worth checking out maybe...

I have to ask though what are BTUs? or don't I want to know! Embarassed

posted : 2005.May.13 @ 1.06pm
BTUs are an increment for measuring heat I think...
hold on googling...
OK it stands for British Thermal Unit, or Basic Thermal Unit.
The cyanne pepper generates heat, I can feel it in my skin.

it's a familiar feeling because I used to take a supplement that contained it.

posted : 2005.May.13 @ 1.18pm
i got the same results just wasn't too sure about the relevance.... how long are you going to try this for?

posted : 2005.May.13 @ 1.40pm
i definitely want to do the reccomended 10 day minimum, but I'm hoping I can get more extreme with it. Apparently you can survive on this stuff with no problems for over 40 days.
They say to drink more lemonade whenever you get hungry thus I'm on my third glass for today.
It tastes really good!

posted : 2005.May.13 @ 11.26pm
cool... here's hoping you can last Very Happy

posted : 2005.May.14 @ 6.59am
Same here, Mark. I'm proud of Yelo for this one.
After the fast, and the traditional first grapefruit, a whole world of
amazing health foods and yogic movements await. I have no doubt this
will enhance any future chants and meditations as well as this summer's
physical activities.

Keep it up, Melo! Your discipline is inspiring!

posted : 2005.May.14 @ 9.39pm
this is a very strange way to live I must say.
it feels like someone has been slowly turnng up the volume knob on my senses for the past 2 days. It's really intense.

This morning I woke up feeling better than I've felt in a long time, but the saltwater flush kind of put a damper on that magic. It's not that bad but kind of uncomfortable.

I'm quickly discovering that my desire for food has less to do with actual hunger than my enjoyment of eating.
In terms of healthier food though, a raw peice of cauliflower woud be such a treat right now Very Happy
It's going to be a challenge.

posted : 2005.May.14 @ 11.40pm
I've never heard much about these things.
Thanks for links air!

Its spring time. I'm transfering job location. Many a changes in my personal life going on.
I can't think of a better time to try this out.
I think I'll be trying it along with ya' melo.
Your and air's description seems very interesting and inspirational and something worth trying.

I'm going to run to a local grocery store tomorrow to get the provisions needed.
However, this will be my first fast and I don't think I'll be pushing myself very far.

I can tell I'm going to experience many a things from this place.

posted : 2005.May.15 @ 12.03am
I'm anxious to hear your experience.
Knowing someone else is doing it is really encouraging Very Happy

grade B maple syrup grade A won't do
pure water
organic lemons, since the idea is to get rid of toxins you don't want to add pesticide or yellow dye into the mix..

and for the saltwater flush use uniodized sea salt

posted : 2005.May.15 @ 1.03pm
The Universe just beamed me a trancemission.
Seems as though the podular earthship maintenance
protocols are cascading as cells become attune to the flow.

posted : 2005.May.15 @ 1.17pm
Pulsing Love


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