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posted : 2007.Aug.11 @ 10.42pm

this movie was mentioned several times today
i have been really meaning to give it some time
now that i see this i'm ultra confirmed

a soon will watch must gonna love

posted : 2007.Aug.12 @ 2.04am
I would have to agree with Z on this one.

There was no real singular narrative to the movie other than to shock and confuse. No solid sources were quoted (even on the ambiguous citations page), and I fear that some of the things they suggest in the film (not paying taxes, perhaps?) could lead some people to make poor decisions.

Overall an enjoyable movie, as I'm a fan of conspiracy theories, but these are all re-runs of the last 10 years or so, nothing terribly fresh, though it is one of the more well articulated presentations of these theories.

I worry that movies like this will lead people into distrust, fear, and isolation from their fellow humans, rather than communion and understanding. If it were to be seen as a call-to-action, then perhaps it could be a catalyst for positive change.

here is a review by Jay Kinney of the movie Zeitgeist that I found rather well said:
zeitgeist review ยป

append:ed: being Gnostic, myself, I found the atheistic hatred of all-things-Christian a bit un-necessary, but then I am obviously biased Smile

posted : 2007.Aug.16 @ 9.15am
dang this doesn't come up for me.

i heard there might be a website problem from so many people watching the movie.

here's the google video full length

posted : 2007.Aug.16 @ 11.23am
oooooh it was so good.

i love it love it love it... great flick.

yeah i've watched a lot of different shorter documentaries on all these studies, but this was so nicely put together and so beautifully weaves all these thoughts into one continuous revelation. i especially like the ending!!!

yeah the christianity part was a little challenging right at the beginning... just knowing that i want to recommend this to my dad, a minister, and a very open minded cool guy who totally believes in jesus. makes me really wonder if jesus did actually exist... while of course i have wondered that often. i have always felt that the myth is powerful and real as an archetype and the spirit of christ definitely exists because i've met that spirit and have always known it deeply. but the question of his actual existence is an important one for many.

i could believe that he really existed as a holonomic expression of that great cosmic patterning of the christ in nature, but i think everyone has to admit that you can't prove it one way or another.

and by the way, jesus wasn't born on december the 25th in the christian belief system. any christian minister will tell you that he was born at another time (forget the date), calculated by astronomy and the story of king herod (seeing haleigh's comet at his death). just that the romans changed the celebration to that date in order to correspond with their existing holiday, which was probably adapted from a pagan holiday anyhow.

great movie!


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