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posted : 2007.Jul.11 @ 9.24pm

>> Roots

Rychard and I just finished a new track!
Ten years ago Xavi introduced me to the didgeridoo.
Last winter some elves introduced me to the mouth harp
and after playing some for Rychard over the phone he decided
it was time to make another track. We did this one in record time.
This track gets its own cover cause I wanted to make something.
The didge aliens have been hanging around unfinished for years
and this seemed a good place for them.
>> Larger Version

posted : 2007.Jul.12 @ 5.34am
Respect; very clean, nice beat. that harp is catchy.

posted : 2007.Jul.12 @ 6.08am
Wow, man, it's a really cool sound especially the way it responds to human modulation. Sorta another fully man controlled/no electronics synth that doesn't need any knobs and sliders. I heard mouth harp before and always wondered if I could do it... OK, here's the question - is it possible to remix your track to a very minimalistic techno to hear harp the way it appears somewhere mid way through the song? ... my favourite part of the track anyway- very tight and dynamic groove. Well, it's just a thought- I did enjoyed it the way it played.

Beer Toast Beer Toast

posted : 2007.Jul.12 @ 8.04am
Very Happy Excellent!

I love the groove you set up in the first part. Who needs a vocoder when you've got a mouth harp?


  • What did you author in? Acid? Reason?
  • Did you quantize the mouth harp or do just have mad skillz?


posted : 2007.Jul.12 @ 2.07pm

Nicely done guys. Sweet cover art too.

Boh Boh Boh!

posted : 2007.Jul.12 @ 4.38pm
thanks for the kind words.
When I first heard Air play the mouth harp, I knew that we had to make track using it like a synth.
It was done in Logic-Pro.
I made the basic beats, then recorded Air while he improvised over them on harp and didgeridoo.
We picked our favorite sections and made the track around them.
There is no quantizing on the acoustic instruments, and much of it is completely unprocessed except for a little reverb, and of course lots of echo...

Dmaniac, if you want to do a mix, I'll get you the tracks.

Thanks all!

posted : 2007.Jul.24 @ 12.20pm
Awesome! I love it!

posted : 2007.Jul.30 @ 3.14pm
Here's another track with mouth harp by Air:

Simple drum beat, little bit of bass, and the mouth harp with no effects whatsoever. It is amazing how electronic it sounds!

posted : 2007.Aug.03 @ 6.21pm
i send my cosmic love your way tonight <3
and by the way, i swear at one break towards the end you said with the mouth harp "dew dew dewwp dew dew dewwip jedi skillll"
far out.


posted : 2007.Aug.03 @ 10.18pm
Hahaha! Thanks Silk!
Yea, part of the track actually says more than that Wink

posted : 2008.May.19 @ 9.12am
Wicked groovy! Twisted Evil

posted : 2008.Aug.11 @ 2.03pm
Totally groovin'. Absolutely love the didg and mouth harp combo


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