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posted : 2010.Jun.07 @ 4.18pm

posted : 2010.Jun.17 @ 1.57pm
It's an interesting but beautiful game that it is coming out.  It picks up your orchestrated motion as you navigate through the game while.. trying to make everything organic.  As you do this... you create the environment and somewhat compose the music..  At least that is what it looks like. 

posted : 2010.Jun.24 @ 1.19pm

Yes, Child of Eden is very nice. Like Rez:



Check out this mind boggeling mandelbox fractal animation, even with DOF!




Too bad the encoding sucked out all the detail, even at 720p...

posted : 2010.Sep.14 @ 3.18pm

Doug Trumbull talks about the creation of the opening sequence of Blade Runner referred to as the "Hades Landscape".

posted : 2010.Oct.06 @ 4.33pm

posted : 2010.Oct.17 @ 4.54pm


An evening of cruising web video yielded these gems:



F L U X from candas sisman on Vimeo.






OCCUPATION: Movements II & III (Syscape#4) from Eric Schockmel on Vimeo.






Lightheaded from Mike Dacko on Vimeo.






"The Music Scene" from Anthony Francisco Schepperd on Vimeo.






Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.


posted : 2011.Feb.07 @ 1.03pm




posted : 2011.May.13 @ 4.06pm

posted : 2011.Jul.22 @ 1.27am



peep it on full screen.  


Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.



posted : 2011.Aug.18 @ 9.55am

Andy Thomas's work




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