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posted : 2007.Dec.02 @ 12.32pm
Cymatics : Bringing Matter to Life with Sound

posted : 2007.Dec.04 @ 7.40am
Slow motion water balloon punch

posted : 2007.Dec.11 @ 1.57pm

Illuminated Teaser

posted : 2007.Dec.16 @ 6.58pm

posted : 2007.Dec.20 @ 9.18pm

posted : 2007.Dec.22 @ 1.20am
Fat Lip: What's Up Fat Lip?

Walter Ness: Auditions to be a Laugh Track

UH-Oh! Laughing

posted : 2007.Dec.28 @ 7.43am

posted : 2007.Dec.29 @ 12.36am
Andrew Jones in Montreal

Alex Grey in COSM

posted : 2008.Jan.11 @ 11.19am

posted : 2008.Jan.11 @ 2.32pm

Dimethyltryptamine! Da-da-daaaa...! Twisted Evil
Awesome visual accompaniment.
The more and more I learn about the sciences that Terence draws upon, the more optimistic I become.
It seems as though the strange attractor is very quick on its feet and can carve pathways through entropy for beings that seek to become pure and dedicated downloaders from the multiverse.

For the babyboom generation, Terence opened up deep dialogue.
For the current and coming generations, many more of us must step up and become eloquent shamanic philosophers.

The science of art and the art of science are nurturing this ability.

Open Our Source !

posted : 2008.Jan.26 @ 12.17pm
a classic

One Step Beyond - Part 1

One Step Beyond - Part 2

One Step Beyond - Part 3

posted : 2008.Jan.27 @ 1.41am

posted : 2008.Jan.28 @ 10.07am
I am really enjoying this thread.
You guys are turning this into a cool channel to watch.
With all the fun media floating around the metaverse I
think it's time to expand beyond the you tubeness.

HM, such a good find.
Humans also find cool graceful ways in which to play.......



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