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posted : 2004.Sep.19 @ 9.50am
I've been on a path of discovery and learning when it comes to my sculpts for almost 2 years. I started with nothing but a lump of Super Sculpey, and have been self-teaching along the way ever since. Not only is it enjoyable, but a few years ago I was in a car accident and was quite depressed since it left me unable to return to my job (Horticultural Manager at a plant nursery) due to the fact that I cannot do any sort of heavy lifting or manual labour anymore.(I found out from my chiropractor that I have the back of a 75 year old, and didn't know it for years) Confused

Anyhow, my loving wife really encouraged me to follow my artistic leanings, and since's some of what I've given birth to. Thank you kindly for looking.....for those who have seen these before...thank you for your past encouragements. Wink

All of these are influenced by many of the aspects I find peace in...creation, imagination, Asian influences are prevalent because of interests I've always had in that culture, and harmony between all creatures big and small. I create what I like, and if others like it too...bonus. My dream is do this for a living somehow, and above all inspire those around me. Before the end of my life...I hope to have written a story involving the characters and creatures I've created. My website is holds much more than what you see here...more of me, as I put little bit of myself into every piece. I would be honoured to have you visit, and once again...thank you for inviting me into your collective...I feel very welcome.

posted : 2004.Sep.21 @ 8.54am
I'll say something as soon as I pick my jaw up off the ground!
These are great! Scuplting is difficult and there's lots of control and detail here.
I'm digging the fantasy/organic vibe. Please keep us updated!

posted : 2004.Sep.21 @ 7.41pm
projecting upon these sculptures
I perceive another world.

your aesthetic is
a reflection of the essense
that dreams are made of.

patiently manifesting with love,
patterns in the most lovely proportions.


posted : 2004.Sep.21 @ 11.31pm
ahmmm... dropped my pants... sweet, very sweet! More, more, more!!! Shocked
Do you ever paint them?!

posted : 2004.Sep.23 @ 5.52am
Wow..thanks everone! I appreciate your kind words more than you know. Phong I doubt I have ever had a review of my works sound so eloquent and beautiful...thank you. I also sculpt other film and comic characters.

Here's my latest...not as whimsical, but still cool.

CLAYFACE (from Batman the Animated Series)
My favorite of the Batman villains...trying to hold onto his identity, struggling to excel, but ultimately a tortured soul....lost in clay.

posted : 2004.Sep.23 @ 7.18am
WOWY! Shocked These sculptures are absolutely amazing! I used to make things with Sculpey, too (but nothing compared to this). The detail on the first batch is incredible and life-like, and the Clayface dude is cool.

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 4.37am
I am digging that clayface. Nice dynamic pose. All of these are very strong pieces.
I would imagine the drawing skills equally strong with such mastery of the spacial realm.
Do you sketch out ideas before you begin, or just dive into the clay head first?
thanks for sharing.

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 5.37am
These sculptures are incredible! I wonder, do you have any Warhammer influences?

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 5.42am
Scott.. awesome work, your love of detail and form is really apparent in these and your macros. Do you ever paint your sculptures?

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 6.05am
Thanks's people like you that keep me pressing on with my sculpting. I used to draw a lot, never any formal training, but just purely liked to draw what my imagination dreamed up. Since I discovered clay though, my drawing has been neglected, and only sketch stuff out very simply to make minor decisions on design, but nothing worthy of showing. I've been afraid of painting my sculpts out of fear, fear of dtracting from the sculpt rather than adding to it. I may one day get into that, but for now, I'm totally a sculptor by heart. I have a lot drawings from the past that I SHOULD really sculpt, as I've had requests for that, but there's a time for everything. Wink

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 6.15am
You don't even have to paint them. I understand what you mean about being concerned about detracting from them. Perhaps you can put a finish on them instead. Just something to consider, which you probably already have. Smile

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 6.43am

Shadow is what defines sculpture.
Did Michelangelo paint the statue of David?

posted : 2004.Sep.24 @ 7.01am
Air, good point, however, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans often painted statues to make them life like. blame weathering ( and the victorians Rolling Eyes ) for stripping everything of paint. I think it depends on materials, marble is a fantastic material and looks great 'naked'. Some stuff looks better with a little treatment though.


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