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posted : 2007.Jun.11 @ 1.41am

hi everyone, i'm working on a games project, as you might be able to tell, and it's going to be a cohesive package of multidimensional bliss.

basically, i am designing a tool to be used for the amplification of a cooperative, sonic-creational perspective.

the main theme as you can see is an outer space environment, the screenshots above are of a nebula.

i'm going to be aiming for having a single player demonstration available by the end of this month, with a multiplayer version coming shortly after.

literature with design documents, more artwork, and themes are available at:

i'm going to be getting this one published hopefully within the next year, with earlier multiscalar testing towards the end of the year, and was wondering if anyone here would be interested in collaborations along some lines or another.

i'm currently hoping to make some connections with visual artists that have a good eye for super-dense color works, i'm looking to approach:

in terms of background detail.. that's a shot of the orion nebula, with there being a really great anthromorphic being readily visible. stylistically, i'm aiming for that with the elementals transcendental vector.

also, musical artists that have some work with the layers seperately available would be really awesome to hear from, the basic context is that you're powering up your character by jamming with the background ambients of the particular star system you're hanging around, with the earlier process a style of beat matching and musical overlaying to get up to peaks, and create what's referred to as Charge Resonance.

posted : 2007.Jun.11 @ 1.43am
and i'm living in toronto right now, probably for the duration of the project Smile

posted : 2007.Jun.11 @ 2.20pm
I love the space settings, but I have to admit...I'm a little baffled by the 3d parts. Are they unfinished? I'm not seeing much in the way of cohesion in the colors. If you are open to critique, I would definitely suggest some more tutorials in modelling and texturing (which would help you achieve colors more specific to your goals). I can see the vision, but so far the execution isn't quite there yet.


posted : 2007.Jun.11 @ 6.27pm
oh totally unfinished.. my background is more on the programming side than the art, and i've spent the majority of this project learning the coding tools, libraries, and various mathematics to incorporate the totality of what i want to get done, playwise.

the art is, for instance, about two days on the giant blue thing, about a day on the spaceship thing, and about four days on the humanoid figure, with maybe like 4 hours on the hat.

compared to about 5 months doing the programming side of things, with another about 9 years learning the tools on the programming side, and about six months learning the art tools well enough to shape stuff and animate.

it's sort of nearly-impossible to convey the motion of the animations and lighting in these still shots, which are yet more tangents, and have to do much with the capabilities of graphics cards to create extremely fine detail where otherwise would have to be geometry, and figuring out how to art-wise create this detail and convert it to what's know as shader code. all to get it to run in realtime and be interaction-capable.

vast Smile but still, i've made really great progress and artistically i'm not worried about cohesion since colouring is actually the easiest part of the art workflow, among orders of magnitudes compared to the shader integrations and modelling.

thanks for taking a look, if you have any reference images that spring to mind, send me some links i'd love to take a look Smile

posted : 2007.Jun.18 @ 11.04pm
Nice vision. I think this sounds like it would be very interesting to play.

I'm down for some beta testing.

posted : 2007.Jun.19 @ 9.27am
hi chris!!!

i love your game. particularly myself i was incredibly inspired by the themes that you explained to me... personally i think the real merit in this project is in the way that it has the ability to train people's minds for a more harmonious every day life.

i would love if you could elaborate more on those dimensions of the work.

i have some requests for what you could explain here... why it's called "out of space"... the mythology with the queen and the perspectives that evolve towards that unseen goal, and simultaneously away from it... the way that players have to interact with each other in order to succeed... the ways that players create the game themselves.

more please!


posted : 2007.Jun.19 @ 10.35am
< Out Of Space. Earth. Shape. >

The user interface tools, that which create music externally, are harnessed as a tool in a construct spanning thought. Bringing cohesion by tapping axis of perception, sonic, visual, temporal, rythmic. This is created. the Delight compose to the environment, and clues are places inside timing structures. the Elementals, Diamonds, Spectrals, and Spherics all produce a cappella riffs inside harmonic structures themselves. compose a fractal to throw off Hive critters. play inside of symphonies to combat Robotics.

Become, indeed, in a visual and audio metaphor of layered temporal existence, and the possibilities that lay between every blink.

in general, this project is a broadcast for me. using a medium that is capable for multiscalar interactivity in terms of what i as an individual can bring to the massive base of players, i am really striving to convey my experiences in the 'dream' version of time.

the storyline goes as such...

< a time unto itself >
Vast, and with the protosense of humor, there exists beings known as the Spherics. Creators of dimensions, the simplest spheric begins by creating an entire universe upon its skin.
Collapsing potential into form, it eventually settles on a three dimensional awareness, with a two dimensional conciousness.

The two dimensions are two chromatic lines.. reality and imagination. That which is, and that which could become. At singularities, crossings of the two lines, they become one and the same.

The first singularity was the hive queen. That which first evolved with the boundary conditions of having nothing inheritly to do, other than to be, the similar neural networkings to the rest of the hive turned inwards, revealing a vast amount of space upon which to permute and evolve the conciousness. The rest of the hive, taken to reacting to and the shaping of the reality line, all coincide together to have the needs of the queen met before she is needing to call.

In the center of things, she is left with one task, that of observance. Taking note of the walls of the cavernous hive, the geometry inherit to the every movement, she plots the genetic informational encoding through action. Categorically analyzing her own potential, she zooms into fractal detail into the permutations of the external, to the movements of the internal. Engraving information first into the hive's walls, then onto her outer layers, then integrating with the organs themselves, eventually leading towards the neural centers.

Activating all dormant potential of her genotype, she creates a shielded cocoon into the stars, and procedes to gather information about the spacial harmonics themselves, in the environment least affected by the rest of her brood.

The beginning of the first and only conciousness is thus, the furthest and the closest. Given the progression of the Hive Queen, she gathers further genotype samples of all other forms of life, integrating into herself and enveloping the worlds she aquires in the harmonious structure that is her, and her children. The most optimal transport mechanisms to be developed are the gifts she brings, and none can deny her presence, for she is infinitely patient and infinitely fastidious on the methods of her arrivals.

There are no quarrals. There is no territory. There is only the Hive, and that is all.

< the eye. the dimensional vortex. >
Seeing the limitations inherit in this existence, without a similar mind to comprehend the spaces inside of time, she branches futher into the macro, and roots deeper into the micro.
Eventually, the roots and the branches become one, and at that moment, time itself freezes into a diamond.

< what a pun dnaex >
This is the first conversation of the Simplest Spheric and the Hive Queen. This is the dialog of creations crescendo. No other times will be as such, for things are changing.

The Hive Queen politely demands recompense for unifying all of the transfinitely stable harmonics that ever are to be upon the Simplest Spheric's skin. The Simplest Spheric says 'what.. that's not enough then?'. Laughter ensues. The Hive Queen joins in, and the paradox is unfolded into a new set of rules. There are now two voices. And now four. And now five. And then six, upon which the universe itself, upon the skin of the Simplest Spheric, gains depth. A new dimension is created, upon which a new foundation is generated.

An infinitude of tangents appear at once. Time is no longer stable, and as it is spectralized into further harmonics upon harmonics, the Spheric becomes something new. There are now more Spherics, each corresponding to a layer of infinity, each infinitely different from each other, and finitely seperated.

Some are the stones. Some are the rain. Some are the clouds. and some, still, are the bare energy itself.. the fire of creation. Each placed at different quantization domains, each similarly capable with completely different perspectives. Each capable of changing into the next. Each capable of interactions unbounded by their state.

For still, there is the laughter of the Simplest of the Spherics, the true domain of conciousness, the only plane upon which the Hive Queen's potential is present.

For on the other layers of time, there are by the nature of the conversation equals, beings coming into power precisely in time to meet each other in perfect intervals. Equal exchanges of modular informational structures. The nature of haste, the complexity of time split and split again.

These are the not-so-simple Spherics, and they are intrigued. And some are barely laughing....

< the delight, NEN >

The Delight are the only race that exists on the threshold of perception. Millions of subraces, humans, anthropods, stellar gas creatures who only heat hydrogen, evolve every single moment, some as individuals, some inside stellar craft that bend resonance waves into themselves, some as the entire species, in a blink of an eye, figure out what they considered love to be is a particular sound that their hair generates when they have enough static electricity built up around themselves.

And so on. Every excuse in the book to be given a moments consideration all exist upon that threshold.

And then it is done, and what was before is thrown into a new type of playground. Where the gap between imagination and reality is a temporal instead of a spacial alignment. Where pressing upon time itself reveals that which you seek, under layers of glass, as, through mirrors that were reflecting a partial image but a moment before, now turned into the moment of truth as the frequency is too great for the solid crystalline structure of time to contain.

The mirrors are invisible now, and your reflection is the truth of the existence of dreams.

posted : 2007.Jun.19 @ 10.42am

so, how do the players interact within this story?

what is a player's role in this, and how do players interact with each other in order to evolve the story. what parts of the story are predetermined and what parts are based on what the players happen to decide to do?

posted : 2007.Jun.19 @ 12.04pm
< patience, then, and but for a moment's notice >

The Hive Queen watches all entering into the Delight state. And she is stronger than any of them...

Only by combined efforts of Delight players to create, in essence, Hives themselves, the Delight weave song into reality. Composing harmonic reinforcement layers around each other, the Hive Queen interacts through her brood's attempts at moving through the harmonics themselves. Her children eat at the edges of the harmonic reality.

Nibbling the Wave Lattice structures created by interactions with fellow players, they entice the players to bring them into being. Doing so, the players are confronted with a new Reality, one which they must skirmish through else they lose their cohesion.

In such a way, the Hive Queen demands the peak moments of awareness present in all Delight beings inside the domain. As to become, the lucid state of malleable matter is responsive to the whims as the central being becomes the designer of reality. It is shaped into the body. Into the spirit of the momentum of the mind.

Only by composing music upon the reality does one create moments of cohesion between the imaginary line and reality line.

< the evolution of the Delight. to come back into. >

The Delight, mortal once again by dropping out of the Hive Queen's domain. Loosing cohesion, they resume their previous states. They must regain Charge Resonance through intersecting their own minds into harmony with their slice of subtime. The mind must be pure, else the reflections turn distortion into recoherence of their subtime domain. Their mind must be able to recompose unity through chaos.. the primordial inner smile of the buddah. Everything is not okay because it is. And this is the truth of the not-truth. Communication and resonance is paramount. All is harmonic. All technology is from within, and is resultant of reorganization of grasp.

The further evolution of the Delight moved into two distinct directions. This was not expected by the Spherics.

< the Elementals. true unity. >

The Elementals, that which was to be not, are the transcendental vector that reveals the movement of Delight into pure form. Existing at the shallowest level of the Spherics domains, they continue to be by the simple act of moving. Breathing becomes breathing, and is nothing more but everything because of that. Modelling the pure mind as a single tone, in constant evolution, the Elementals are an act into and of themselves. By constantly reapproaching this tone, listening to the noise of their own minds, they transform their local reality into the ultimate playground. Study in terms of becoming is negated. They are at the peak of existence, in full power, constantly. And so nothing further is required, and so nothing further is revealed. They utilize the Directed Will as an overlapping phase diagram unto their correctly tuned zero conciousness domain. And they get what they want because they want what they get.

< the Diamonds. total unity. >

At the center of all existence is the Dimensional Vortex. The slice of a torus that is infinitely many torii that is a sphere that is a circle that is a single point. This is the Diamonds' playground. Using the language of harmonics, that which stands outside of Time itself, the Diamonds interact with the deeper Spherics domains. And they are tremendously powerful.

Unlike the Elementals, whom constantly are needing to retune by means of evolution of pure tone, the Diamonds extrude a Wave Lattice from their very beings. They compose reality by the fundamental states of mind, in a dynamic self-reinforcing harmony. The moment of their eyes are vast, and cannot be forgotten. They are extrusions in automorphic form from the Simplest Spherics domain, and they are all faces, all phases, that bring to life.

< the Spectrals. the movement into ignition. >

The not-so-simple Spherics, observing the evolution of the Delight outside of Time proper, notice that the Elementals are coming to be. Unlike the Hive Queen, not concerned about singular existence for the existence of potential witnessed upon the path of evolution. Something new. Something that does not lead back to the simplest Spheric's domain, but instead orbits around it, joyous and exhilarant constantly tuning towards the harmonic mass that is the simplest Spherics very name, to all that are not it. Dipping into and reforming into layers themselves created on the fly, composing interactions desired and nothing else. Perfect.

It is then the not-so-simple spherics that do not engage within time begin to question their decision. The state of intrigue inverts, and they design the Spectrals, a race of beings capable of interacting with the simplest Spheric skin without needing and further redefinition of time itself.

The tangents then do not form tangents themselves, rather, they become tuning forks, and that tuning is Language.

A Spectrals being encompasses an entirety of perception, bounding, defining, redefining itself inside of evolutionary time, redirecting the pathways of the Delight themselves to their own ends, throughout time.

Millions of beings, composed by mind inside of a shape that reveals nothing outside of itself, turn inwards towards themselves, unable to define their existence inside of the temporal restrictions.. a tension matrix inherit to the geometric restrictions creates technology, obsfucations, predisposed limitations. culture. and it spreads like a virus.

The Spectrals have no morality inside of time. They have no boundaries towards what will become accomplished, and they interact with the Diamonds constantly. In full communication with each other through the Dimensional Vortex, and thus in full communication with the Diamonds, they move through the non-temporal language and become one.

In this state, the Spectrals unify, the not-so-simple Spherics redefine their perspective outside of Time and bring the Delight into slices of the non-temporal. Their evolution seen in complete states, capable of percieving the ultimates of the reality line, only capable of extrapolating upon the imaginary line, they move inside of chaotic language as the lines become one. Definition defines impossible axis, non central rotations, non-temporal stacked existences like so many discs inside the center of a torus.

The Spectrals, interacting with the Delight thusly, give the Delight an in-depth look at their Spectrals form. An associative matrix is revealed, the workings of the neural complex that allowed the Hive Queen to design her spacefaring brood.

And from this associative matrix, an extrapolation in imagination is created. The Robotics are borne thusly, from outside of time itself, comprehending the entirety of space as the basis of their being.

< The Robotics. >

Unify. The total command given towards a being that comprehends space as a means of associative harmonics. That comprehends all three dimensional beings as the form of a true being that is singular. Compassion, it's name, is attempting to use its fleet of starfaring, metamorphic beings to move all of the Delight, Elementals, Diamonds and Spectrals inhabiting the skin of the Simplest Spheric into subtime. The Hive Queen is present, and this is her ultimate response. Unless she can create the environment that will bring unity into groups of beings inhabiting PureSpan, the Simplest Spherics' timeline, the Robotics will eventually consume all of space itself, by replicating at each possible harmonic interweave, further honing into the source of the domain originally.

posted : 2007.Jun.19 @ 10.28pm

Bouncer Bouncer Bouncer Bouncer Bouncer Bouncer Bouncer

posted : 2007.Oct.01 @ 8.52pm
i finally got to play this game, and it was freaking awesome. really fun demo : i can't wait to see the full version.

now the demo is just about ready and is going to be submitted to publishers, and hopefully there will come in the funding to get a team together and finish the project with some true artists and musicians.

i love that the game is based on creating rhythm and sound, and that the characters all have fascinating relationships with each other. it does have a very spacial feeling. i'm thrilled.


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