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posted : 2007.May.30 @ 7.39am
Hi all,
I chanced upon this today thanks to google.
It's an alphabet that substitutes our usually monochrome letters
with color tones. Imagine...according to this linguistic channel, the next big
publication could be a color swatch!
This makes me think vaguely of Kandinsky and his approach to color...
And also of a painter I know named Dominique Boutaud.

If you're going to go to the Kromofon site, check out
the flash animation of All You Need is Love. It's so good

In thanks, with a little shimmer of hope for all of us

Google uses it a little in its start icon.

Don't you think the movia CONTACT holds many cool secrets?

3 dimensional mind mainframe, keeping peripheral contact with everything that's there.

Reach into the orgasmic cosmos
and seize the fallacy
witha blatant diregard
for the toothfairy,
or thin lies that blind
the territory.
ceaseless poesis

tai ch'i earth god ness


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