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posted : 2007.May.21 @ 9.45pm
yay! i love when people have video cameras!

so happy that delvin the solkin came for a visit to my humble abode Smile

posted : 2007.May.22 @ 1.43pm
That was really cute.

posted : 2007.May.22 @ 8.57pm
so wonderfully heartwarming...
i love you so!

posted : 2008.May.20 @ 12.16am

there were many podlings at the interdimensional art show in seattle
to the point where it was challenging to get them all in one big group shot

myself, agape and XAVI

agape, ioTus and myself

delvin, XAVI, agape and myself

posted : 2008.May.20 @ 11.13am

Thanks for grounding out long enough to rock the flickage. Very Happy
You're a bunch of celestial cuddle bears wielding deep skills and power in the name of LOVE.

posted : 2008.May.30 @ 1.54am
thanks, air Smile

you know we took those photos for you.

Pulsing Love


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