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posted : 2007.Mar.05 @ 11.04am
“What if culture became the collaborative manifestation of each of our truest offerings…?”
>> Eve the Lady Apples

This is a visionary culture show that will be held @ The Evergreen State Collage on the 14th of April.
The intent is to initate Evergreen into the existing visionary culture and create creative reverberations that inspire on campus ness for ages to come!
We will begin with an Evergreen-style, constructivist seminar discussing what visionary culture is and creating working definitions specific to the Evergreen campus. Then we will propose pathways for enhancing the flow of visionary ness at the school.
The seminar will go on from 7:00 - 9:00 PM, at which point music, dance, live painting and other fun commences. A large gallery of art will be open all night as well as a visionary maketplace run by Elfintome and Tribe 13.

The Evergreen State College is located in Olympia, Washington. Mapquest

Live Painters:

Roman Villagrana
David Heskin
Aloria Weaver
Eric Nesmith
Jesse Geisheker


Bluetech (Aleph-Zero, Native State Records : Portland, OR)
Adlib (Team Cowper : Seattle, WA)
Bacchus (Team Cowper : Olympia, WA)
Little Fox (Free-Range Chicken : Olympia, WA)
Organic Mechanix (Tantra : San Francisco)
Dj Fox (Free-Range Chicken : Olympia, WA)

Here is the working definition of visionary culture that we are providing the school. This is an article that we have published in our school's newspaper.

» Calling All Visionary Artists and Thinkers!
By Jacob Aman and Tim Ernst

On April 14th a collection of students are hosting a visionary culture gathering at Evergreen. There will be various artists, musicians and thinkers from our bioregion, collectively seeking to initiate Evergreen into the emerging visionary culture.

A concise definition of visionary culture is difficult to relay, but we think we have authentically whittled it down. Visionary culture is a holistic fusion of many disciplines with the intent to propagate a higher awareness within our collective conscious. It strives to manifest culture that is quick on its feet, willing to absorb any blow dealt by dominating social forces. In this sense, visionary culture resonates with Buddhist social formations―instead of physical defense, spiritual offerings are placed at the feet of the aggressor. However, visionary culture places additional emphasis on the palpability of such spiritual offerings. To do this, such culture interweaves a host of disciplines, fusing the arts and sciences to present a multisensory spiritual gift. Of course, such spiritual offerings are not reserved for the dominating social forces in our world. They are also aimed at the timid, oppressed and forsaken souls that find this temporary reality a painful one.

This is a very exciting time to get involved in visionary culture as the movement is still in its gestation process. But to get involved, individuals must first establish a link to the primal creative forces within nature. There are too many paths to list here, but a starting place would be to delve into the ancient tribal, mystical and occult knowledge that has historically maintained more harmonious associations with nature. Hence this more Gaian perspective is a critical difference between visionary culture and the mainstream culture we see today—instead of cultural adaptation being mostly anthropocentrically driven, we acknowledge that if we think with Gaia (what we humorously call gaialogues), then we have access to immense amounts of wisdom, magick and inertia. And we say inertia because we believe that the earth has afforded us as much time as it has because we offer our unique intelligence to the equation. Thus, Gaia in a sense loves us as her presumably most complex manifestation. She will aid our evolution if we let her.

So like mainstream culture, visionary culture is all about constant redefinition so as to adjust to the emergence of higher order and complexity. The difference lies in the latter’s dedication to not only preserving the human species, but also spiritually and intelligently evolving our species’ social paradigm into one that downloads ecological foresight. In a nut-shell, it is communication with the primal creative forces in nature that will afford this community its strength.

Constant redefinition will also be vital from a social perspective. In our current mainstream culture, there is all too fine a line between conformity and collaborative construction. In other words, a group rallying people behind a set of ideas because of the attractive- or seductiveness of its ideas, versus collaboratively re-forming the foundation of the community as it frolics along. Consequently, this process could be a defense against the formation of lofty social hierarchies. So central to what was just said is the process of creative collaboration. And as was mentioned earlier, the medium of choice is decidedly multisensory. Human beings are very good at defending their ideas and attacking the ideas of others. So why not interweave art, music, dance, poetry and visionary science to communicate? See here visionary culture encapsulated:

“What if culture became the collaborative manifestation of each of our truest offerings…?”
- Eve the Lady Apples

Evergreen does not seem to be connected to the established visionary culture. And yet, it possesses, in part, all of the aforementioned elements. Thus, we propose a meeting: the visionary conclave comes to Evergreen on the 14th of April in the year of our ford into tech-gnosis.

The point: You can already participate! At present, we have a number of artists, musicians and art collectives from Portland to Vancouver, B.C. attending. But we would like to see the Olympia and the Evergreen community become more of a center for visionary culture. To this end, we are requesting that Greeners throw their spice into the mix of visual art. So submit! We are not going to be rigid in our selection. It is up to you to decide whether or not your art is suitable for submission to the sacred environment that we are preparing. The themes are simply community building, spiritual process, honest love and peace. Here are the submission instructions:

1. Go to or to check out the sort of visionary art that is already coming to the show.

2. Email: (if you have digital or scanned art, please feel free to attach)
Phone: (360) 570-5000

Feel free to offer suggestions re the above article.

Everyone is invited! And even though it is an event dedicated to the transformation of the school, it is a great method for outreach. I can see events like this popping up at other universities in the future... The more visionary artists, musicians, prayerformers, thinkers, etc that we have the better.

~ Hu ~



posted : 2007.Apr.09 @ 3.29pm

I may need to call upon the Visionary Culturallites to come and begin the awakening of WSU.


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