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posted : 2007.Feb.20 @ 10.30am
"For the love of" made me cry. these are all beautiful poxin.

posted : 2007.Feb.20 @ 10.45am
so much beauty in these Poxin and yours too Air! Nature has worked it's magic on you

posted : 2007.Feb.21 @ 3.13pm
Air~I always enjoy your magical photos. Seeing the world through your lens is quite a treat.
Poxin~lots of texturey goodness, love it!

posted : 2007.Feb.21 @ 9.39pm
So many great picts!


posted : 2007.Feb.23 @ 12.22am
Cheers to the collective, the documentation continues. Air and I started off the day with some epic forest trail exploration. It's super groovy to be in forests i've never been before, taking shots as I go. I'm a total explorer at heart and having the camera keeps me motivated to keep getting out there and endulging in curiosity.

I've had this totally fun realization, working here on the illuminated project, with different dimensions and files sizes. I never crop my shots to different dimensions, i've just developed this stiff part of post processing where it just has to be a certain way. Anyway, i'm learning to break free of that by simply cropping wider, or taller, what ever better suits what i'm actually shooting.

Thank you Dreamberry for smashing my creative mind apart!

The end as the beginning, Air fresh after taking a picture.

Broken shards of wood, super adhesive styled onto rusting metal.... in the middle of the forest. Who knew?

Little forest stream, all softly touched with time 'n' such.

Same said forest stream, caught in the act.

Bubbly stream goodness (i took a ton of pictures of this thing)

Beware the ghost bucket, deep within the woods.

Moss growing documentry continued, all back lit morning style.

Water from the ground pulsations, frozen (noted that i stared at this thing for a long time, it had me mezmorized)

"The pond"

Dreamberry wolf puppy!!!

Finishing it off with a shot of the forest we were wandering around in

Thats it for today, i think we mean to go out again tomarrow!

posted : 2007.Feb.23 @ 10.49am
Glad folks are liking the BC styles.
Pox is right about how amazing the whole thing is up here...
the magical mist-covered Ewok forest overlooking a giant bay,
a house full of inspired creative masters living and making art together.

... or, playing with a sweet little wolf pup first thing in the morning.
This is Madrone aka Bonestar and his new love Moro, like the giant wolf goddess in Princess Mononoke.
This man can tell a good tale. Ask him about the time a pack of monkeys stole his gemstones in Varanasi.

Yes, the fluffy little streamlet caught my eye as well.

You really can't help taking pics of your photo pheast partner.

posted : 2007.Feb.23 @ 11.22am
"I am looking forward to today's walk...."

Hope it's a good one.. Wink

Poxin, do you know where are you going to be in June?

posted : 2007.Feb.27 @ 3.46pm
Humbly amazed by these photographs, this is a darn great photo feast!
Just as I thought, B.C. is beautiful. And so are you. Thanks. This should be
a good time to reposess the creative flow. THANK YOU

posted : 2007.Mar.05 @ 12.12pm
Mark, i should be around here, I assume, dancing around forest parties, shooting all the pictures I can. Your coming here yes? It would be thee tag if you and I ripped up some B.C. photo flow!

Air has left the Dreamberry BC steez for now but i'll keep it flowing untill ge gets back!

Here we go!

Air and I had taken some hikes further and further into the forest around the dream berry. Networks of roads and trails criss crossed through a treefarm.

More soft stream drops to come!

Some wanderin forest light finds

Clouds from a break in da Dreamberry forest

Deep forest reflections

The mountain skyline from G' rock.

Secret beach deadsteez

The world beneath my feet

The view down from the rock

Arbutus colour booms!

Fishin oldskoolz, har har

Spots! i love the rockular composition in this one.

This sunset was so delicious, these were indeed the colours. No adjustments!

Another lushess set from the farm.

Beachside bubble flows!

Crystal sunset steez.

Props to da' BC Crew

There was a hole in the log, so we chucked rocks through it, hah!

More lushess sky action!

My favouret sky yet!

posted : 2007.Mar.05 @ 1.57pm
oh lordy!!! Shocked Shocked

The skies, wow.

Yeah i'll be there in June, PM me your email address, we'll have to hook up. I have a lot ot learn! Smile

posted : 2007.Mar.07 @ 1.43pm
Sweet, mark i totally look forward to the tag my freind!

And the Dreamberry saga continues!


The sunset from the other day

A little view of Copper Chris's studio. It's a super creative space where we make clothes, have mad sketch book jams, play with crystals, and endlessly bob our heads to a never ending flow of reggie. It's been the space of spaces as of late.

Jenn, chalks out the pattern for a new shirt.

Chris deep in the leather stitching zone

Making the leather cuts on super intense jade armer gear.

Jamesie sports the partially constructed super piece

More eggy nest action

It's got it all

A little jump to a trip into the city.

Ridges around Horseshoe Bay

Trout house mascott

Marley, all smiles as the sun breaks through

Stay tuned!

It's so warm and sunny here right now, i think i may go for a little forest adventure!

posted : 2007.Mar.12 @ 10.00am
Wow, it looks like you guys are having quite a bit of fun up there!

posted : 2007.Mar.17 @ 8.42am
so beautiful poxin


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