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posted : 2007.Feb.18 @ 11.19pm
On December 18 I arrived in the magical northen realms to spend some time creating with friends.
It has been beyond belief, living in a big house with a fat studio, hanging out and creating every day
with the likes of Phong, Xavi and Poxin.

Getting grounded at a sacred spot.

... and around town with a guide.

Visiting Phong's place of origin for the holidays.

Most of the skies were taken from the front porch of the house.

Some life at home.

Chef Produce always makin' tasty meals.

Galen looks out over the ocean.

Cody is an art machine.

Blake Wrinkle is a wizard.

Phong with his newest toy.

Pox makes sure we will have a fire.

The Duce.

Dreamberry work flows.

Must be a full moon. Xavi is turning into a were-elf.

Rolling with the Duce!

Xavi turns the kitchen doors into a proper portal.

Xavi - Poxin - Air

Xavi works on the Battery door.

A secret beach walk with my Sunshine.

... and some...

Alright, Pox! Your turn.

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 1.14am
Shocked awesome post... looks like you had a good time Smile

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 2.15am
from redwood south base: i miss you guys!!! thanks for the archetypal elphinstone photos.....

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 8.07am
What a trip. Looks like there were some interesting projects going on--can't wait to see the fruits!
The shot of the whale-rocks (10th down from your Sunshine) is my favorite.

Thanks Air!

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 9.35am
thanks air Pulsing Love Pulsing Love Pulsing Love

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 10.24am
and thats exactly why we live here

thanks for showing the local beauty through your lens Smile

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 1.06pm
i love it.
very minimal on the concrete!
open skies and nature.

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 4.09pm
eep! super-extra inspiring!

posted : 2007.Feb.19 @ 6.19pm
thanks air,
such a complete portrayal of elphinstone and the flows of inspiration to experience within its dewy landscapes. Thanks for taking me there.

posted : 2007.Feb.20 @ 1.43am
First off i'd like to say that this is one of the phatest, if not the finest solid drop you've put down. For some reason i had not gotten to see some of these, or maybe just seeing them all layed out like this, but damn!

From the looks of these, maybe your cam aint so bad?

It's been a great pleasure, honour, and full on gut laughing fest living here with all these folk. Getting to experience the presense of all this inspiring talent combined with moving out of the city and back into the nature. Whoosh, all at once, you know it's a pox fantasy.

Along with all the bliss of getting to meet those i've wanted to meet (xavi! dream brudda!) and getting to know brotha Air all the more has been a long destined meeting. Not just getting to meet these people for a short time, but getting to live with them and watch them pass through moods. It's been surreal and is already prooving to be a massive life altering event.

From all the hardship that i was facing in the city, the loss of an amazing relationship, struggling to find my place. To the thickets, juicy, moss infested place on the coast with all these mind blowing artists.

Damn, thank you universe.

Seriously, wooooosh

So with that, heres my photo flow, from my arrival on. Not to mention my continued adventures out here on this ocean surrounded elf land.

I'll start it out with my final sunset in the city, taken when i moved out of my home on the hill, deep in East Vancouver.

My first visit out with blake to the studios, where i met with Air and Anson. After being shown around the studios and seeing what was happening i was instantly on board. To set our trip out to the coast in the right light, we set up on a little tromp atop a local look out.

Little Africa


Blake all smiles

Phong ah smilin


Air, druid styles

Blake tells it like it is

Sunset from the house, wooooosh.

Upon my arrival back to the city I was faced with drudge and the grime, pulling off all of the layers of sticky dust i had let settle on my life. At which time many of my friends told me that had noted me loosing my light and were happy to see me returning to my "homeland" so to speak. I took up homage in the quiet wrinkle palace in which i spent some time with those good solid people that had kept me going. One final trip the the beach with Light love couple, Blake and Lauren.

With one last foggy night, my light in the city just about went out. How dramatic!

Boom, coastal life begins!

Within a day or so, having met everyone, made my little spot in the studio, and ready to ooze with creativeness, Air and I set out on a good oL' school nature tromp. And here it is!

Air, all elfin styles, he had this one coming

The mission as of late for I is that of texture gooodness. So a good deal of my stuff is as such.

I could get re-used to this.

Woosh, and now on to some groovy skies, mixed in with a little bit of life around the Dreamberry Farm.

The view from the house is mind blowing, even for the well traveled of folk.

This is a little tuff of moss just outside the studio, which I intend on photo flowing it's growth.

Another lush cloudset

It's been harder to do self portraits with my new camera. That's my one and only complaint with it.

A little sunset at the beach

Air being all rix'ish

Caught in the act by phong and his vid cam

Xavi styles, had begun to pop up everywhere.

Cody out front the foundery

Another beauty of a skyset

Little pre-spring buddness

Cody, all smiles

Sunset puffins!

It went back to the city for a day and a half, it was really smelly and loud. Clearly the pure lushness of the coast had already begun to spin it's magic upon me. This was taken on my trip back.

Xavi lookin out over that nights skyset

Xavi and phong, deep night ponderings.

I wanna see this self portrait!

Xavi makes intersteller forest tag on the batter doors!!!! SLAM!

In the act of

Ceder stencil action!

Right down to a light taggage!!!

Battery club, reprezentz the Xavi styles!

Ninja styles

Xavi, forestcore

Xavi, breakin it up!

A star is born!

ooooo burnt texturenesss, yum!

In copper chris's studio which is also on the Dreamberry Farm

Copper Chris, with his new crystalsplosion

Rose eggynest

Copperness at work

Left to right, Chris, Xavi, Air, and Lumpy.

Air examines the stones

Mirror self styles, with air dressin on the side

Epic mayan mirror portriat with Air and Chris

Xavi meets his reflective twin

Just outside the house & studio there are thick forest trails to find. I spend my mornings walking around them, chillin my mind and expanding my photo flow.

Moss climbers

Tree oozin'z

Tube'O' fungy

Gigglin cali boy in the forest, hah!

Lush stumpness

Planet Endor

Xavi's last sunset up in elfland

The copper base bin, working the water flow. Using white light, and red with low frequency vibrato

For a little Arrr n Arrr the Illuminated crew head out to ledgendary crystal creek for a photo pheast and some fresh air. A bunch of artists and elfs clamoring around mossy lush creeks. It certainly made this pox super blissed to see it all go down. Old school like!

Left to right, St.even, Cody, Cohen, Phong, Produce, Josh. Chillen, pond style

Relfect tek

Forest dwelling

...Pondering the ripples............. tee hehehe

Bubble foam Action

Air makes the find of the hike!

Mossy moss moss

Crystal Creek Action (expect better pictures of this lady soon enough)

Old lighting strike

Phong, masked by the sound of the creek, hunts me within a few feet before I notice him. Very tricky

One by one we stumble out of the forest back to the pond.

When i discover that Air has hidden himself in the trees, omnipresent, watching....always.......

Jagoda comes to my rescue!

Phong gets under St.even's macro lense.

Back at the Dreamberry, lumpy watches over the Estate.

That little tuff of moss keeps growing

And to finish of this insane super post, a bunch of sky shots from the Dreamberry

oooooooooooooo, well that's it....for now, muhahahaha, you can bet on a constant flow as the Illuminated adventure continues!

posted : 2007.Feb.20 @ 9.04am
Me thinks Lumpy is too cute to be a watchcat.
The shot of Xavi coalescing with his reflective twin was oh so well done. Hilarious... and metaphorical too. Cool
What a collection this is!

posted : 2007.Feb.20 @ 9.46am
Hellonious... good to see the flicks of all the adventures, and ones that have happened since i left... and of course, the forest core elf ninja click is runnin' things in creek-town... jeeeah!!! oh, the mayan infinity portal rules!!! sending love!!!

posted : 2007.Feb.20 @ 10.05am
Gorgeous pics all around. Thanks for sharing Very Happy


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