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posted : 2007.Jan.19 @ 11.50am
Has anyone partaken in the utilization of the
m-audio torq Xponent advanced dj performance/production system?

I've been looking into an all-digital DJ setup for quite a while, as I'm going to be using DJ'ing stuff only minimally in my shows, so I don't plan on spinning vinyl, even CD's for that matter. I would use DJ'ing stuff only to augment a live performance, so to have it integrated would be ideal.

If its possible to utilize a device such as this for Ableton Live, even better!

posted : 2007.Jan.19 @ 1.08pm
That unit looks cool, but it's fairly expensive. Especially if you are going to use Live and not use their Torq software (this is the first time I've heard of it).

The unit says it supports any app that has a 'midi learn' function, which Ableton does. It sounds like Live would be a good choice for you.

I use Traktor, plus a Behringer BCR-2000 - which is about $130 and is a bunch of assignable knobs. Works great, and would work for Live, too. I put tape on to label the knobs. My friend just bought an X-Session, which was less than $120.


posted : 2007.Jan.19 @ 1.37pm
So with those you can assign a knob to pitch adjust, I assume? The thing I like so much about m-audio's xsessions is the traditional layout of DJ mixing stuff that we're all used to from the vynil days. but then i'm not opposed to something new, either.

I'm going to also be getting the 49-key semi-weighted controller, which has tons of knobs, sliders, bells, and a few whistles too, so i think they would together be a very powerful combination for a live setup. I' mthinking of "dj"ing the beats, or certain melodies, for example, while combining live stuff on the midi controllers and such. Also mixing in parts of songs to live remix and such. I dont know. I'll have to get the stuff to see what I can do, first, then go from there. I guess ultimately i'll just have to try one out!


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