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posted : 2007.Jan.06 @ 10.50am
I have just obtained a copy of Adham Shaikh's new album, Collectivity. I feel inspired to broadcast my love and appreciation for this piece of tribal dance : ness! I am all smilez with this one.

And here is me promoting art:

Adham Shaikh >> Collectivity

posted : 2007.Apr.14 @ 5.57pm
I love it!

The stand out track for me was Sub Bubble.


The jaw harp parts are pure Cosmic Hillbilly bliss.
I met Jefe, a Puppet Master and Jaw harp Wizard from the Funginears, at the same time I heard the track.
So, I ordered a High C and an F#2 and have been playing them like crazy. My C3 is on the way this week. Smile

Sweet post!


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