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posted : 2006.Dec.21 @ 8.58pm
If you are like myself, you more than likely have been spending years honing in your operating system to achieve the perfect blend of style, speed, and functionality. A few things I have come across over the years in particular are and Microsoft PowerToys. A forum that I semi-almost-regularly post at is the Tech Support Guy forums.

TweakXP provides much information, from very basic operating shortcuts through to advanced modification of the registry to squeeze that last ounce of perfection out of your finely tuned computing machine. Of course, backups, restore points, and faith in various deities helps greatly in tweaking endeavors, but my experience has been "you burn, you learn." Every time I've trashed my system I've come back with the knowledge of how to prevent it and perfect it even further.

I've also learned that downloading random shit isn't cool, and shouldn't be done. Trying to tell that to my dad, and to get him to stop sending me every damn thing he downloads in an email attachment, however, is another topic altogether.

Anyone else have some sites that they get widgets, gadgets, and otherwise 1337 c0mpu73r 7ooLs at?

posted : 2007.Jan.03 @ 3.12pm
Just today found a free theme for XP, based on their new release of the Zune portable media defiler. Despite the terriblocity of the player itself, the theme is pretty sweet. It changes the start button to orange, and the menu bars to glossy black. Middle link, bottom:

/check it.

posted : 2009.Feb.02 @ 10.23pm

I love customizing my OS.

I use both XP and OS X.

For XP customizations, here are some good tutorials via

I've tried windowblinds, stylexp, and I ended up going with the replacer method of swapping out the uxtheme.dll for the hacked one to allow the use of msstyles.

Here's a couple of my desktops: (click the thumbnail for larger view)


Photobucket Photobucket


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