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posted : 2006.Dec.11 @ 5.16pm
It's been awhile since I have posted anything, but here's something new.

My friend Armando directs short horror films. This is a poster I did for him for his latest, entitled "Panty Kill". It's basically about a guy who wears crotchless panties on his head as his "killer mask", raids panty drawers to slice slits in all the underwear, and of course kills people that get in his way.

I was trying to recreate the style used by late 70's and 80's slashers....


posted : 2006.Dec.12 @ 12.21am
i loves me some crotchless panties...


posted : 2006.Dec.12 @ 9.49am
I figured it'd be up your alley. Wink

posted : 2006.Dec.12 @ 10.15am
Awesome poster.

Not sure I'd love me some crotchless panties with that staring out of them... but a great poster nonetheless.



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