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posted : 2004.Sep.20 @ 6.50am
Dedicated to AIR's Bday!!!

Happy Birthday, POD-bratha! Beer Toast

posted : 2004.Sep.20 @ 7.40am
Very Happy Coolness!
Thank you, Sahar! I'm digging the muted colors and subtle linear elements.
Thanks, D! That's me alright, wearing one of life's little essentials. But, I look scary with no hair Wink

posted : 2004.Oct.04 @ 10.12pm
When I looked at Hal's last self I saw this.

I used this littlle web treasure to help me ->CLICK<- Try it with a tablet if you can.Cheers

posted : 2004.Oct.04 @ 10.20pm
Wow. Air, that is DOPE. I was just reeling from the subconscious connection to "Vurt" and pink feathers being "porno hallucinations" and as I hit post, I see you made this. Wow.

posted : 2004.Oct.05 @ 5.57am
yummm!!! - nice, pink and porno-dreamy!!! Halcyon, btw, I liked the shot itself and now it has gotten it's final GLOW!

posted : 2004.Oct.05 @ 7.22am
Truly rad Air, Halcyon.

Excellent use of the eigelb tool. Ya know.... after seeing this piece....

I think I'll start another Thread....

posted : 2004.Oct.05 @ 10.55am
What an awesome topic.


posted : 2004.Oct.06 @ 12.19am
holy.... that's fantastic air!

posted : 2004.Oct.20 @ 11.00pm
a bit Halloweenish of me...

The Eye in ME - it's all about the "I" (i mean "eye")

posted : 2004.Oct.26 @ 9.54pm
Long time No Post! Been Busy Boy...

Here's my good buddies Cam and Jeff.. Jeff looks a bit aprehensive...

posted : 2004.Nov.01 @ 11.15pm
I asked my Mom to take pics of my Dad in some cowboy gear
then I picked one and made it old timey. A one day email collab.

posted : 2004.Nov.22 @ 10.16pm
This landed on my knee the other day and I just had to take a pic of it....

posted : 2004.Nov.22 @ 11.27pm
Ha! That totally rawks, fog! I adore her! \o/


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