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posted : 2006.Nov.11 @ 11.51pm

Step right up and share your art and opinions on the fastest growing online interactive community for our movement on the internet. Our free resource has attracted a lot off attention from Artists, Collectors, Publishers, Promoters and Enthusiasts alike. We are now receiving a ridiculous amount of traffic and have over 1090 members on our forum. This is a great opportunity for exposure and to meet like minded artists for potential collaboration and group exhibitions or even to just pimp your own work. We have many very interesting discussions about the future of our movements which calls for your involvement.

We also welcomes artists from related movements, genres & art forms such as: Outsider Art, Intuative Art, Lowbrow Art, Comic Surrealism, Mystic Art, Toy Art, Esoteric Art & Fantasy Art as well as Animators & Creative Writers

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your art on our forums

Surreal Fantastic Visionary Art Forum

posted : 2006.Nov.11 @ 11.52pm
Sorry if this seems a little ad like. We are a non profit and would just love to have your input into our community Embarassed

posted : 2006.Nov.13 @ 11.47am
how exciting!!!

thank you so much for another wonderful project
i know this forum will catalyze many great magics
and help to bring a deeper strength and dynamic
to the emerging visionary art culture

deepest of thanks

silverbirch boughs low

posted : 2006.Nov.13 @ 6.26pm
Hi Silverbirch. I am so glad you joined. Your presence on our forum is always welcome


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