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posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 5.11am
Ahhh thanks Spore,
right, the square in the middle, the keyhole.
Is it fundamental to zoomquilting technique?
Tho this drawing lacks that particular style 'intended opening'
it is mega scraggly and will happily transform to
accomplish the broader design harmoniously.
Not quite certain what the theme here
passing into cacophonous symmetries of vivacious hues?!
Good day everybody

posted : 2006.Oct.25 @ 3.31pm
Their technique is what works for the style they were working toward. There is a constant point of perspective in their zoomquilt that is very linear - it keeps going straight through the middle non stop. It is very successful, I enjoy it. I feel anyone interested in doing this as a group should take note of their technique - but not rule it out to be the "only" way we can do it. Vector images are great for resizing and open more ground for flexibility in that sense but we might lose a sense of shade and depth??? we could even integrate photoshop and illustrator images into this. (that is one suggestion I have for thinking outside the frameset). Im sorry if i sound like some sort of creative director for something that is obviously going to be for fun and promote the pod's creativity / relations. I only feel that these are ideas that should be concluded before the real fun begins. I am even proposing insteas of a linear perspective we try to replicate twists and turns? Lets talk about this, I would love to hear more ideas / feelings.

I am really looking forward to this, I think it could be a great way to share talents with eachother and grow together over this nervous system.

Thanks alot for replying living proof, I really enjoy your startup sketch.

posted : 2006.Nov.02 @ 10.13pm
Of course Spore!
it is fun to share,
and you are providing insight and inertia, it rules!
As for what would be the method to this madness, why bordered pieces like those in that other zoomquilt do a wonderful job of compounding the visual mayhem into cohesion. I was thinking of a couple ideas, and may edit this post shortly in order to demonstrate via scanned image these little ideas. One is of an indoor archway with statues on either end leading into a horizon of water and open sky, pretty bright. Until it's completed and uploaded it's still 'vague', but the concept's there, and methinks it would jazz with most anything it'd be coming out of or going into. Unless no! Surprised Ummm, are vector images actually the best way to do this? And who would like to use the same style template as the Nikki zoomquilt? I'm not very good with the measurement subtleties, my first avatar was unspeakably overized, and using fixed dimensions per frame makes sense.

posted : 2006.Nov.19 @ 12.17am
Vector would be quite interesting, but would be totally different than the Nikkki quilt as linked. I think a blend of both vector and raster would be nice. Using that method you could go from raster single-vanishing point pictures through more '3-d' looking vector spaces (you can have non-linear vanishing points, to blend from one vanishing point raster image to a different vanishing point picture).

It's quite do-able. A podQuilt would be pretty insane, one must admit! I'd be down to contribute to a project such as this.

posted : 2007.Dec.29 @ 9.14pm
The way this looks, my frames should be made of text!

posted : 2008.Jan.03 @ 1.16am
for inspiration, check this out


totally incredible version of this idea.

a flash thing... not really all that hard to do actually... in THEORY Smile LOL

if you look in here they give a whole do about how they accomplished this. they used EXTREMELY high res images.


posted : 2008.Jan.12 @ 10.00am
definitely inspiring infinite oz is quite the web site...the form evolves ever more gracefully. beautiful renderings, slight animations...and a sparsely spoken narrative... it's like looking into john belushi's dark blue sunglasses while he's driving on a freeway... cool.  


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